“Regulating Bitcoin” is equivalent to “regulating the Internet”. An impossibility.
Lorien Gamaroff

What should be regulated, however, are businesses that provide value and services around the protocol which is what happens with Internet-based businesses.

This is totally false, unethical and wrong. What you are saying is that businesses like Twitter and WhatsApp should be “regulated”. No one who understands any of this thinks that is correct.

Bitcoin is no different to Twitter or WhatsApp or WeChat. Saying “provide value” is totally meaningless. Twitter provides a huge amount of value to its users, and that is not a reason by itself to regulate speech.

Throwing around words like “protocol” and “value” without using them in the correct context can sound authoritative and be totally wrong. Thankfully, most people are starting to wake up to this, and are rejecting the idea of regulating speech on the internet.

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