Baby care tips for new young parents

Most of the times we see that the; new parents are not aware of how to look after their first babies. At times we look at them doing things that apparently appear to be good for the babies but in fact they are not. For instance, it is said that the babies should be restricted to sponge bath until and unless the umbilical cord falls off. But parents give them proper bath to ensure cleanliness when they need dryness so that there is no infection. Bathing leads to infection and dry baby skin. Therefore it is imperative for the parents to learn all the necessary skills to take care of the baby in best possible manner.

Nutrition: The new born babies should be fed on few ounces of milk after every half an hour. It is because their stomach gets empty quickly as they drink little during single feed. No doubt mother’s milk is the best option however if one has the option of formula milk then it should be selected after careful discussion with a pediatrician. At times babies are not tolerant to milk powders and hence it may disturb their digestion. Once the baby turns six months old, he or she can be given food like mashed bananas, fruit juices, seedless pulp, fresh mineral water, mashed potato and veggies that can be swallowed easily, corn flakes and cereals etc. Best way is to make use of the mixture of foods to nourish the kids completely.

Bath: It is just a myth that if a new born baby is given bath, he or she will get cough, flu or cold. There is in fact a proper way of doing that. Hold the baby’s back firmly when he is sitting in the bath tub. Apply mild baby soap around the baby’s body and make sure that his mouth and eyes are not affected. Make use of fresh clean water at normal temperature to wash the body gently and when everything is done, pat the skin with soft towel to dry it.

Hygiene: The most important thing to be done is to keep the baby tidy and clean all the time. Wash him with room temperature water whenever you change the diaper. Never forget to dry the buttocks. Cleansing this part for the new born nannies with a dabbed cotton cloth in Luke warm water works in the best possible manner. Baby cleansing products are easily accessible in the market but you need to make sure that they are baby friendly and may not end causing any kind of rash or skin disorder. One such reliable product is known as Nivea baby cleansing milk.

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