Pros & Cons Of Kojic Acid Soap

Kojic acid is a substance found in natural form and is why numerous people all over the world have begun using it to treat, skin conditions like age spots, and in addition certain other dermatological issues. Anyhow, despite the fact that kojic acid is naturally gotten from a type of fungus, its use for the long term is still being assessed by scientists. There are certain risks and benefits connected with using kojic acid.

This article will explain in details the various pros and cons of using kojic acid to determine if its really good for use or not.

Is Kojic Acid Soap A Good Option?

The right answer is yes and no. Kojic acid soap can benefit your skin if you use it in the correct way and if you utilize it for, a certain period of time.In case, you want to eliminate acne marks, dark spots or want to lighten your skin tone, it takes time before you see the results. In addition it depends upon the product you use and the concentration level of kojic acid.

Pros of Kojic Acid

Helps Change Skin Tone — A number of patients have experienced skin lightening by using kojic acid. This type of substance is additionally used in the treatment of hyperpigmentation, in which the person develops patches of skin that are much lighter than their other skin areas. Kojic acid has been proved to be effective in treating this condition, which can be embarrassing and painful for the individuals who have it.

Treats Skin Break-out — Kojic acid products are used effectively by many people to treat acne. This skin condition is frequent, particularly among youngsters. The naturally occurring kojic acid can be the substance that has a positive response for acne treatment, and an alternative to harsher synthetics found in countless modern acne treatment.

Effective For Melasma Cure — Another skin condition namely melasma comprise skin discoloration that may be due to the intake of various pregnancy drugs, pills as well as hormones; or by genetic conditions. Due to melasma, the patient develops dark and sporadic patches on the upper cheek, nose, lips, upper lip and brow over over a certain span of time. Kojic san soap has helped treat this condition in many patients.

Cons of Kojic Acid

May Cause Allergic Contact Dermatitis — Although not confirmed but some studies show that when kojic acid is used on a long term basis, it may result in a condition called allergic contact dermatitis, a certain type of skin sensitivity that cause irritation. This side effect is on rare occasions been linked to kojic acid in a few people.

Unexpected Changes In Skin Tone — There have been a few cases where use of kojic acid soap changed the skin in ways that patients did not expect. One side effect that has been accounted for with kojic acid use is a bluish discoloration of the skin, in a few patients. People should be wary about this thing when considering kojic acid product for use in treatment of skin.

Thyroid Changes — As per some recent studies, kojic acid has been associated with thyroid changes and other internal patterns. The individuals who are concerned may need to assess the historical data with regards to testing of kojic acid.

Oxidization — Researchers have further observed that kojic acid oxidizes rather rapidly with exposure to air. Other chemical elements can give lasting integrity without oxidization.

Is Kojic Acid An Alterantive To Hydroquinone?

The FDA regulates the usage of hydroquinone in the U.S. Nonetheless, studies have found carcinogenic effects when applied to skin. It’s found to be cytotoxic (toxic to cells) and mutagenic. Studies have furthermore found that long term hydroquinone usage can cause exogenous ochronosis, which is a condition that causes a person’s skin to turn bluish and black color. Hydroquinone not only represses melanin production to cause skin to become a lighter shade, but its use for the long term leads to damage of the pigment cells as well. Therefore, it’s better to use a natural product, for instance, kojic acid soap.

Concludingly, take into account all of the above explained side effects and risks of kojic acid usage and get advise from a qualified dermatologist; before using any kojic acid product for eliminating natural signs of aging or age spots.