Getting Your Bathrooms Right the First Time Itself

Bathrooms are among the few places that receive the least attention from home owners. This should never be. Bathrooms are like any other place in the household and need to be comfortable, attractive and spacious too. Bathrooms must be built with the same care that we give to other areas. If you own a home or propose to build a home in Coimbatore, the city’s sanitary wares stores for bathroom fittings in Coimbatore is extensive and vast.

Tips for Designing Your Bathrooms

Here are some design considerations that every home owner should not forget when designing the bathroom.

1. Make your bathrooms more spacious. This means keeping the ceiling higher and more spread to the plinth. The advantage of having more space is that you can move around easier and still have the space to accommodate a commode, a bath tub and a faucet. The extra ceiling height will provide for better ventilation which in turn can prevent mold formation that is detrimental to health. If you live in hot climates, a ventilator just below the ceiling is recommended. Provide some space in the upper half of the wall opening to the outside for fixing an exhaust fan.

2. Fix vitrified tiles on the walls. Don’t leave the bathroom walls with just the cement mortar plasters. Walls with just the plasters are notorious for absorbing the dampness and making the walls weaker over a period of time. Vitrified tiles are best because they are resistant to acid attacks, are easy to disinfect and mold doesn’t form on it. Damaged tiles are easy to fix and have a fairly long life. Another reason to use vitrified tiles is that they are available in multiple colours and designs, but you need to order them in a single lot to avoid a mismatch.

3. Avoid steps within a bathroom. One of the biggest mistakes that home owners often do is putting a step to get into the bath tub. This should be avoided to prevent the users from slipping and falling. The floor should generally have vitrified tiles with anti-slip surface finish. This is not to say it should have grooves that can accumulate grit. Plain anti-slip tile works best because they are easy to clean and replace over a period of time. We will advise you to match the floor tiles with the wall tiles and keep it of a lighter shade.

4. Provide couple extra points to accommodate an extra tap. If you depend on ground water for supply most of the time as is usual in Indian context, it will be beneficial to have one set of plumbing for municipal water source and another for ground water source. Ground water is hard and can damage the pipes and fittings. Scales are easier to form in pipes that carry ground water. So you should make a provision that makes it easier to remove and fix it without damaging the tiles. This is the reason why we recommend separate plumbing for ground water.

5. Order all your sanitary wares in a single lot to improve the aesthetic look of your bathroom. Matching colours is a difficult task, especially if you are choosing from different brands for the bathtub, the faucet and tiles. When you order all these in a single go, you have the leeway to accommodate to match more accurately. Don’t always go by colours for the taps. Taps should be of durable material and preferable made to resist corrosion. Always make provision for a geyser and couple power sockets for electric devices. A geyser is an important component of the bathroom and you should make a provision for fixing it at a height that will not bother you when you are in.

Before You Order Bathroom Fittings

Before you select sanitary wares for you home, check their website to see the different offers. Ordering online is alright but buying locally from a store is better still. This is because you are able to touch and feel the products and you get instant answer for many of the questions you may have. Always prefer a store of good reputation.

There are many good sanitary stores for bathroom fittings in Coimbatore, but you still need to choose the right store carefully. You can tell the right store from the wrong ones instantly — The right store will be spacious, have samples to see, prices will be reasonable and give you a warranty. The right ones stock only from well-known national and international brands.

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