We’ve Got This Whole Unicorn Thing All Wrong!
Tim O'Reilly

Great piece! As we wrestle with the societal inpact of technology on society, it’s difficult to retain a sense of perspective. Most of our preceptions are highly local. Someone in Detroit watching technology based automation strip jobs out of the heavy manufacturing industry will have a vastly different opinion of the value of advanced technology than someone standing on the riverside in Shanghai looking across at Pudong and the astounding growth and economic advancement that technology has wrought.

While thousands in places like Detroit have seen the value of their jobs erode end felt the decline from midde-class to something less, million in places like Pudong have been lifted out of abject poverty up to lower-middle-class by the march of technology.

To maintain a fair view of the benefits and costs of technology in our balkinized global human village will prove to be difficult, and stands at odd with our typically American me first approach.

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