I used to think I was afraid of this.

I used to think I was afraid of us.

But it’s not us I’m afraid of

My fear was so misplaced,

I found it in the possibility

Of our non-existence.

I cringe at the thought of going public

Shades of red, yes

But not from blushing

But from the anger

That would tear my bosom

If I found out

That this “we” I had so confidently proclaimed

Was a hoax

All those held hands

Embraces and smiles


Realising that in falling

My shoe buckle had snagged the green screen

That gently fell

So poetically about me,

Reminiscent of the parachute

We as children circled in the playground

Rhythmically flinging up and down

Catching the air

Dazzled by the colours…

Green,blue, yellow…


But for fuck sake

This isn’t a game