MobWifi — Mobile Hotspot Meter

Birth of a new product — MobWifi

You know what they say about Product Managers always having ideas and can’wait to build the product and ship them to live users? It’s true! I gladly admit that I’m one of them, to the horror of my friends and family. There’s just so much joy in speaking and working with users who either love or hate your product.

I’ve been spending some time over evenings and weekends over the past few months working with freelancers to plan the idea, design the UI/UX flows and develop a product that I can proudly call my new baby!

It starts with a problem statement:

I’m at a client demo and they don’t have wifi. I need internet NOW. Why is it so difficult to turn on my mobile hotspot?

And then the problem statement grew:

Now that I’m done with the demo, how much data did I use so that I can whine about it to my boss / accounts department? Maybe I can try to claim it as a legit business expense.

What’s next:

What other features will enhance my mobile hotspot experience?

Ba dum tss!

So… Without further ado, say hi to MobWifi — Mobile Hotspot Meter! It’s available on the Google Play store for all Android users to download.

Here are some of MobWifi’s features:

  1. MobWifi allows you to transform your phone into a Mobile WiFi Hotspot with a single tap of a button.
  2. Measure data usage of your WiFi hotspot per session.
  3. Set a data limit to automatically turn off your mobile hotspot when data usage exceeds the limit.
  4. Automatically receive a receipt with cost and data usage details when the data hotspot session ends.
  5. View and retrieve weekly or monthly historical reports to keep track of your hotspot data usage.
  6. Input data price to keep accurate tracking of data usage billing.

Over the next few articles, I’ll walk you through the product journey of how MobWifi moved from concept to conception to birth. I’ll write it from the perspective of a product manager.

P.S. Stay in touch and/or give me feedback on MobWifi’s Facebook page.