Button Bits Manufacturers and Exporters

Beaver Tracks has achieved success in the Button Bits Manufacturers in industry, since 1977 we are reputed manufactures and exporters in India. Where button bits or drilling rigs are multidirectional drilling with straight hole and also used for hard drilling rocks. Button Bits capable enough to survive in toughest conditions.

Button Bits

Beaver Tracks Buttons bits can work with homogeneous -metamorphic combinations, sedimentary rock or hard rock’s offered button bits are very solid bits. Button bits are available in different styles and models suitable for drilling condition.

Special Features are:

· Accurate dimension

· Most rugged

· Reliable and durable

· Mutli- functionality

· Low maintenance

· Water resistance

· Long lasting service

· High performance

· Cost effective

Beaver Tracks India’s Leading Button Bits Manufacturers and Exporters. Button bits are manufactured with superior quality of raw materials with high reliable and durability. Beaver Tracks products are available customized manner as per the client requirements.