Simple Ways Small Businesses Can Be Online

The internet is here to stay and it is one of the greatest gifts of our time. The good thing about the internet is that many people access it daily for several reasons. For a lot of young people majority of their internet bundle is spent on social media. Your business should be where your potential customers are. Your business has to be on the internet. Today, having an online presence for your business has become necessary.

Social Media

A simple Facebook, Twitter and an Instagram page can bring you more money. Create a simple social media page, upload great photos of your work and stay active every day reminding your customers and potential clients of your existence. Talk about your craft on your social media pages and make sure you post at least once every day. You will grow a loyal following and customers will be able to endorse your business online in the form of reviews.

Take note that often times, people believe what others say about a business. Engage with your clients, give them educative and entertaining information and respond to their comments and questions. Remember, when in doubt of what to post, upload a great photo of your work or something in line with what you do. It works!


Before now,owning a website was assumed to be a necessity for big companies. Fortunately, small companies can easily create and own websites today. Online applications like WordPress have given a chance to everyone who can read and write to create websites easily. If you don’t want to go through the process of building a site yourself, pay a web developer to create one for you. See that as an investment into your business.

Your business website should contain basic things like what you do, contact information and why you do what you do. Use your website as a tool to convince several people online to do business with you. Tell them why you are the best makeup artist in Port Harcourt, the best Ankara fashion designer in Enugu or the best person to tie their gele for their traditional wedding. It is a way to let your customers know about you before they even come into contact with you or your shop.

With so much competition in business, having an online presence is one easy way to tell people your business exists, attract new customers and keep old customers. Let the internet work for you when you close shop. If your business already has an online presence, look at ways to make it better. Take your business to the customer and see your business grow.

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