Paws Coin

Paws Coin is a not for profit animal charity based cryptocurrency, aiming to Help animals that are in need of love and care. So that you the owner of these lovely animals will have peace of mind. Paws Coin is an extremely secure coin that is masternode backed, they will eventually have a mastercard/visa debit card to use your Paws Coins at any merchant worldwide.

Paws Coin is a reliable, decentralized, no annoying ads, and data-for sale, social network and hub for Pet/Animal owners and caretakers with detailed registry of all Pets/Animals, highly easy to utilize and understand quick data specifics and uploads to the PAWS network.

It is powered by a very reliable, immutable block chain. That supports All pets and animal registrations that will be offered to users and clients that hold Paws Coin. In the near future Paws will start to implement PAWS powered registry collars, which is a special one of a kind key given to each of your Pet/Animals with a robust registry portal. It will have features that provide super fast deployment of Pet/Animal alerts to PAWS clients worldwide. Whilst it will give the benefit that pets can be easily searched, identified and rescued.

Paws are highly committed to help all Pet/Animal charitable needs. These include food/care/and all medical needs. Paws also will provide to Pet/Animals that are hungry, neglected without medical treatment, love and care. The Paws network will raise awareness and depend on the generous people around the world to help. And near instant crowdfunding individual Pet/Animal needs.

Paws also are highly active in fighting Animal cruelty. Paws wants animal cruelty ended on a global scale with the help with communities,businesses, and government entities. They do this by using awareness campaigns, rescue efforts and more.

I highly believe this Coin will succeed in helping animals that are in need, as a animal lover and vegetarian myself. I want to end all animal suffering, abuse and neglected animals just as much as PAWS.

I admire not for profit organizations, Paws have the empathy and the drive to create a better future for all animals in need of care. Paws have the power to rescue and care for homeless, neglected and abused animals worldwide. If you too believe that we should stop animal suffering and provide great care for all animals. Please join PAWS. More information can be accessed on their discord channel. Discord:

PAWS also have a highly professional forum which you can access and stay up to date with their announcements. There is also a page where they teach you how to obtain an address using your wallet. So please visit (

Lastly, Why transparency in donations is important and how blockchain can help with that? By being transparent, nonprofits are able to show donors that they have sound ethics and are responsible with donations, thus encouraging donor loyalty. Another thing is that through the use of blockchain technology, charities can eliminate transaction fees when payments from donors and transferring money to those that need it. This can greatly maximize the impact of the donations they have accumulated, and especially when transactions are taking place internationally.

PAWS Coin Specifications

  • Heavily Secured, efficient, frictionless, Proof-of-Stake, blockchain powered, with masternodes.
  • Fully transparent blockchain explorer and tracking for any and all use of PAWS funds.
  • Community backed, fully pluralistic governance model.
  • Coin name: PAWS.FUND
  • Ticker: PAWS
  • Algorithm: (POW/POS) QUARK/POS
  • Block reward: 1–9 PAWS
  • Masternode Collateral: 1000
  • Masternode reward: 70–90%
  • Staking (POS) reward: 10%
  • Block Time: 60 SECONDS
  • Minimum Staking Maturity: 3 hours
  • Total supply: 21 000 000 PAWS
  • Premine 500 000 PAWS (2.38%)
  • PAWS first 10,000 blocks
  • 1 per block.. 0.9 for MN and 0.1 for staking
  • At block 10,001, there will be 10% donation to Charity Fund and 10% donation to our Operations Fund/ 70% MN reward/10% Staking reward on every block.