AT&T Bans Customers That Use Torrents: The Story Behind It And How To Avoid This

AT&T is the world’s largest telecommunications company with millions of users. Recently they announced that they will be viciously fighting their customer who has been ignoring copyright infringement letters. Soon the company will be terminating dozens of customers’ broadband connections, because of pirating. ISPs are required to forward warning of copyright infringement, which they receive from the entertainment industry to their customers. But apparently, those letters are being ignored by many. In order to “educate” their customers about pirating, AT&T is going to take drastic actions and kick some of the customers offline.

In recent years entertainment industry has sued many ISPs for doing too little to prevent their customers from pirating. That’s why AT&T is taken such actions. Of course, customers need to be quite of a pirates to be kicked out, AT&T will kick offline those who ignored at least nine warnings.

Now customers have a few options: stop torrenting or get a virtual private network (VPN). Stop torrenting would be hard to do, so let’s choose VPN option. For those who are not familiar with VPNs, this software encrypts your traffic and provides absolute security and anonymity online. Having a VPN is a must nowadays, especially for torrenting. Fines are getting bigger, the entertainment industry is fighting pirates more viciously and VPN is becoming the only way to avoid fines or ISPs banning them.

Not every VPN is good for torrenting. You need a secure, no logging, and preferably based out of the 14-eyes virtual private network. Surfshark VPN is my personal solution for safe torrenting and anonymity online. I choose Surfshark because it is based in Virgin British Islands and there are no data retention laws. That makes me sure that VPN won’t be asked to collect users data and give it up to the government. Also based on privacy policies of Surfshark they do not collect logs, so you are absolutely anonymous, and do not need to be afraid that your data will be forwarded to the government. Surfshark also is comparably fast, looking at tests of other VPNs. Maybe it is because of the small number of its users and overall the fact that this is a newbie in the VPN market. With this VPN you won’t encounter any significant speed drops while torrenting or even playing online games. Many people get scared of VPNs because they do not understand them, that’s why Surfshark is made to be really easy and understandable to anybody. Even to your grandma.

Other good options that I would recommend for secure torrenting would be Express VPN, NordVPN and PureVPN. These guys will make you enjoy torrenting with no fare of being kicked out offline by AT&T or any other ISP.

To conclude, a VPN is a must tool for those who use AT&T and still wants to torrent. In my opinion, it will be a must for other ISPs services customers, because this action by AT&T can influence others to do the same. So better get one of those VPNs and get anonymous. Many VPNs are now providing Black Friday discounts, so it is a good time to get yourself secure for a cheaper price.

Here are Black Friday deals for VPNs that I would recommend as the best ones for security and Torrenting: