Breaking down barriers for African Americans
Hillary Clinton

Madam Secretary all your policy wonkishness wont matter until and unless you let your hair loss, get down and connect with the youth.

Let loose and enjoy, smile. this is an unconventional and very dangerous race where everything unexpected and opposite has been turning out to be true. Step 1: Take a harsh..errr stance against Wall street you 500 million talking fess be damned.

Step 2: Get that endless cabal of your your celebrity admirer's working for you. Go easy on the woman card, American voters for all their faults don't seem to care.

Step 3: Don’t incessantly pander to voters based on color, pander to them based on issues. Hit the hard realities hard. Don’t let finer nuances always be your default mode, if that would have worked Donald bloody Trump wouldn't be leading the race.

Please reduce the flip-flops if possible. Get out there and build trust, tell the people what they want to hear and not what you want them to and answer them patiently. Have a little zeal in your voice and some zest in your delivery. Hip down your policy proposals and employ a populist vibe in some of them so that you hit a wider demographic. Keep attacking the republicans and hard.