Get Started with Bebo! Easy as 1–2–3 🎉

1. Pick your look ✨

Go to “Scenes +” to add a new scene anytime

Scenes are like different mini-moments you can jump to during your stream.

Choose at least 1 “Live” scene to start with.

Many streamers also have scenes for when they step away from their camera(AFK), a countdown before their stream starts(Stream Starting), and a couple minutes at the end of a stream(Stream Ending) for talking in chat, etc.

2. Pick your game 👾

Go to “Video” > Game Capture to add a new game

Open your game in Steam, Origin, etc.

Then Alt+Tab to Bebo and add your game via Game Capture.

Note: some games may require Screen or Window Capture instead of Game Capture. Check out the list of those games here.

Go to “Video” > choose Screen Capture or Window Capture

3. Click “Stream!” ✅

Click “Stream” to start sending your video to Twitch.

Bebo will automatically take you to the “Stream” screen where you can see a preview of your stream, as well as read chat and see any user activity like follows, subs, and donations.

Have fun!

If you have any more questions, use Live Help in the app or join our community Discord for 24/7 community support.

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