5 personal branding and leadership insights we can learn from Lady Gaga’s authentic brand voice.

Lady Gaga is the maker of what’s next. Her emotional intelligence, political voice, personal philosophies and brand shed light on personal branding and leadership style. Below are 5 insights we can learn from Lady Gaga’s strategic approach to who she has created herself to be.

I’m a die hard football fan, I use to have a website called Football101Women.com to educate ladies on how the game played. I’m also a Lady Gaga fan. I don’t own any of her albums (is that what the kids are calling them these days?) I’m a fan of her personal brand and leadership style, she’s the next Madonna, so of course I’m keeping tabs on what she is doing. Like Madonna, she is the new maker of what’s next.

I’m going to share with you strategic insights you can learn from and create who you are being out there in the world from a personal branding and leadership perspective.

Prior to the show Lady Gaga said,

“I believe in a passion for inclusion, the spirit of equality and the spirit of this country, one of love and compassion and kindness.”

And in true Gaga fashion, that is what we saw.

The NFL is one of the most tightly regulated sports in the world. From what the players wear, how they tuck their shirts in, it being mandatory to wear pink in every game in the month of October for breast cancer awareness, not a hair is left uncombed. You have to believe that they approved everything that Lady Gaga did. And yet, she elevated her performance to make it her own, showcasing her philosophical approach and truly redefining her image from being an ARTPOP commercial show to mirroring who she is on the inside out.

Here are 5 strategic insights to create your personal brand and leadership style from Lady Gaga.

Own your leadership style

Lady Gaga is a leader, she has a following of 21.3M dedicated “little monsters” on Instagram alone whom she is a voice for their inner most triumphs and struggles. She’ll say the hard thing in the face of conflict and challenge. She shares her PTSD, her religion, prayers and tears. What we are drawn to is her authentic compassion and strength. We can take a cue from this style by speaking our mind when it’s hard, standing up for what we value, for sharing from the heart.

Create strategic partnerships

Lady Gaga has a collaborative mindset. Before the performance Tiffany’s debuted her new jewelry line, and immediately after the performance the new show Genius on National Geographic had Alfred Einstein playing Bad Romance on the violin. Smart! Additionally, she has redefined her image as an expected ARTPOP commercial to a down and dirty dive bar esthetic with her partnership with Bud Light. Taking one of the biggest names in pop music and hitting a dive bar in the middle of Texas for a 200 person show? Brilliant, approachable, intimate, personal, shocking. 100% strategically planned.

Lady Gaga for Tiffany’s
“It’s pretentious to talk about how creative you are. I don’t feel that way, at all, I think it’s empowering and important. And I’m coming for you.” Lady Gaga

Use your wardrobe to identify your personal brand

What’s up with the pink hat from her Joanne album? I have talked about this before and another person who strategically used a red hat to recently send the country wheeling. Your personal style enters the room before you do and, ironically, speaks before you do. Develop a fashion instinct: adding a simple color or a wardrobe statement piece can redefine how you show up in a room. Lady Gaga is not going to show up in a bedazzled unitard and platinum wig to a dive bar, she’s strategically crafting a new look for a different audience. With the help of the pink hat she has recreated her image to capture femininity and a down home American appeal. Again, the shift from pop to personal, and ability to influence others immediately, without saying a word.

Practice your ass off

Do you know why teams win the Super Bowl? Because they have a coach and they practice their ass off. Lady Gaga said she has been dreaming about doing the Super Bowl show since she was 4. She has been manifesting and practicing this moment for 26 years people, talk about structured time management skills. She is motivated, resilient, a risk-taker and surrounds herself with expert stylists and choreographers who help her level up her game. Hire your weakness, hire a coach.

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you have too

Lady Gaga says no. This video clip of Lady Gaga at the Emotion Revolution Summit 2015 gave me permission to say no to what wasn’t serving me as a creative entrepreneur and mother. Developing your own personal brand is taking a deep look at who you are at your best self. Other people are a reflection of who you are being. How you relate to others, and yourself, is a pathway to gain insight. If you are everything to everybody, you are nothing to yourself.

Brand strategy, or football strategy for that matter, is a manifestation of your intentions in action. Manifesting who you want to be, your philosophy and emotional intelligence is a prism into who you are as a leader. That’s the type of person people will listen too, follow, hire and buy from.

My life’s purpose is to be a prism for full expression, a pathway for women to find their voice and express it in whatever medium that gives them the most power. On March 1, my friend and fellow creative entrepreneur, Jessica Zweig and I are co-hosting a personal branding workshop in Chicago at Paramount Events. If you are looking at how to align your personal brand with your intentions and manifest those out into the world, join us. You can find more information and buy tickets here. I’d love to see you there!

Be bright, Lisa

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Lisa Guillot is the founder of Be Bright Lisa Coaching and is a life, brand + business coach for women. Dubbed a branding expert by the Chicago Tribune, Lisa brings heart, soul and action to every conversation as she delivers her big branding experience to motivated, creative women through one-on-one coaching and workshop settings. In addition to her coaching practice, Lisa is the founder of Step Brightly, a boutique brand consultancy, and cofounder of Forth Chicago a women’s entrepreneurial community.

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