Creative Writing: My Misfortunate Fortune

Hey guys!! My brain is literally fried. I am suffering from -100 motivation this week. It’s been an exhausting month and this week has just been terrible. With that being said, I know I should focus on my energy other than the crap going on in my life so I am doing something extremely different from my usual writing style. This is something I haven’t done in a hot minute. I decided to write a creative short story. I just picked the first prompt off of a list so enjoy!

It was perfect. The diamond looked so elegant and pure in its’ box, sparkling under the light. There was no way she could say no because of how beautiful the ring was. When I picked it out, I knew nothing else would ever look more beautiful on her long, slender, manicured fingers. Of course I knew she loved me, she had been hinting at a proposal for the past several months. I looked out the window to feel the magic of the fluffy, oversized snowflakes falling from the grey, overcast sky. My heart felt like it was about to throw itself out of my chest. It’s a feeling that is impossible to explain unless you have experienced it for yourself. There is nothing like the nervous jitters of trusting the woman you love with your heart forever. I got lost in the moment of thinking about the multitude of outcomes that could happen tonight. My phone dinged, scaring the living daylights out of me. Evie had texted me, telling me she was ready to be picked up. Let me tell you about this girl. The 24 year old was the most special woman I have ever met. She earned her college degree in computer science and to me, there is nothing sexier than a woman who isn’t afraid of a male dominated field. She has these beautiful dark chocolate brown eyes with the slightest hints of gold flecks that light up like fire when she is talking about something she loves. Her smile makes my heart feel like a toasty marshmallow. Evie has the longest, dark caramel colored hair that has the most incredible natural curls that flow down her shoulders like a cape. Evie’s athletic upbringing has persisted as she can be found on the trails running when she isn’t programming behind her space gray mac book. I’ve never met a woman more passionate about marathons. However, that doesn’t stop her from smashing on a large pizza by herself. Evie Peterson is the definition of perfect. She was so feminine, yet had all the qualities I would want in a guy best friend.

I smile as I close the ring box and carefully place it in my pants pocket. Thank goodness for oversized pockets in suit pants because she will never guess there is a ring in here! I give myself one more look over in the mirror hanging on my bedroom door, smoothing any wrinkles that may be lurking on my suit jacket. Not to brag, but I don’t think Evie could say no to me if she tried.

I grab my car keys off my dresser, close the bedroom door behind me, and head to Evie’s house to pick her up for the most magical evening of our lives. Even after three years of dating, there is never a time where I don’t knock on her door, walk her to the car, and open her door for her. She’s my princess. I knock on the door to her upscale apartment. She opens it and my jaw drops. My girlfriend stands in front of me in a form fitting black dress that stops right above her knee, black stiletto heels, hair loosely curled, and the boldest red lips. I’ve never seen a woman look so sexy yet classy.

“My love, you never fail to amaze me….. How on earth did I get lucky enough to love you?” I look at her from head to toe… in awe.

“Dave, you are truly something special. She smiles ear to ear, “ I love you so much”. Her eyes do the sparkle thing. My heart leaps more than usual.

“I love you too, my love.” I give her my arm to walk her to the car. “I hope you have the night of your life tonight..” I smile as I gently close her car door as she buckles her seatbelt.

“Every night is the night of my life when I am with you”… she laughs.

We are so cheesy and I wouldn’t have it any other way…..

We talk about her day as we drive to the restaurant. Evie’s favorite restaurant is Japan Steakhouse. She’s always loved hibachi cooked food. We arrive and everything is going as planned. I escort her inside and we are greeted by the host who’s aware of tonight’s plan. “Miss Peterson!” the hostess smiles. “Don’t you look like royalty tonight!” she leads us to our personal table that I had reserved. The team followed my directions perfectly as there were red rose petals scattered on the table, the lighting was set to be as romantic as possible. It was perfect. “Dave! what is this for?!” her brown eyes were slightly wet from forced back tears. “My queen, I love you….”. I kissed the top of her head before pulling out her chair for her.

I had told the chefs beforehand what he favorite dish was so when they came in to prepare the meal, they asked immediately if it would be her usual. She looked at me in absolute awe. I ordered my dish and I waited.. It was almost time and my heart felt like it was a nascar driver, working its’ way up to top speeds. We held hands as we watched our chef prepare the grill. He asked us what the occasion was. I was so proud, he was acting so normal, even though my plan depended on him. “Oh you know, just treating my lady to the night she deserves…” I felt my voice shake. Chef Marcus smiled. “You’re a lucky woman aren’t you?” Evie blushed.

He looked at me for approval…. our plan was a go! I discreetly nodded at Marcus. He began to put the food on the grill… he began the normal show that everyone gets at a hibachi restaurant, however, it wasn’t normal. He rearranged the food into letters. I looked at Evie who always loved watching the shows. My beautiful girlfriend was so intently watching, so unsuspecting. Marcus was casually talking to us, making jokes as I got down on one knee as he was moving the zucchini and chicken into the last letter…. Quickly, the words on the grill read “Will you marry me?” and I will never forget the look on Evie’s face as it hit her…. I was asking this woman to marry me!! She looked over at me just to realize I was on one knee with her dream ring in my hands. Tears streamed down her face as she shook her head yes. Marcus cheered for us as I slid the ring on her finger. Evie photographed the food words before Marcus served us our meals. We enjoyed the rest of our dinner in absolute bliss. The love of my life had said yes to me!! We shared a chocolate molten cake for a dessert that had “congrats!!!” written in cursive with chocolate on the plate. Our check came and it was on the restaurant but we still got fortune cookies which were always her favorite thing. I read my fortune cookie and it read “may your life be full of great blessings”. How generic. I asked Evie what hers said and her face was pale and she was looking around in a panic.

“Evie… what’s wrong?” she crumbled the fortune up and buried it in her napkin on the plate. “Dave… I don’t feel well. The food didn’t sit well with me.. I need to go home. I’m so sorry..” She was afraid. I started to panic. “Evie.. you were fine. What on earth happened?? I love you”. She grabbed her clutch purse and ran out of the room. I look around, confused. I decide to look at her fortune. What on earth could have scared her that bad….

I found the crumpled rectangle and opened it. My heart stopped.

“Your life is in danger. Say nothing to anyone. You must leave the city immediately and never return. Repeat: say nothing.”

“Evie!!” I yell after her. “We need to do something!!! Like call the police!” She looked at me with so much fear in her eyes… the gold flecks were dull.

“Dave… I can’t talk to you. You were never supposed to find out…” tears gush out of her eyes as if they were waterfalls. She continues to walk outside into the snow covered magical wonderland…. except it’s wasn’t so magical anymore. I followed her.. tears in my eyes.

“Evie!! Find out WHAT exactly?!” I grabbed her arm and made her look at me. “Talk to me.. I love you Eve”.

“Dave, don’t follow me..” she sobbed in desperation. “I will take an Uber home.”

My heart shattered into thousands of pieces as she pulled herself away from me. I stood frozen as I watch the woman I love run away from me crying in a way I have never seen in our three years together.

I watched her get into the car with the stranger driving her home. I hurt. I sat in my car and just sobbed. I tried calling her but her phone was off. Truthfully, I can’t tell you how long I stayed in the car… but as soon as I pulled myself together, I drove to her apartment. The door was unlocked which meant she did come home after our date. My head throbbed in pain as I screamed her name. “EVIE!!! WHERE ARE YOU!” I walked into her apartment and saw her dress laying on the floor. I screamed. I thought for sure the woman who jut promised me she would become my wife was dead. Oxygen felt foreign to me as I struggled to breathe. This moment didn’t feel real. I stumbled into her bedroom, hoping she was sleeping. She had to be sleeping.. this was just a nightmare. The room was empty. Her bed was neatly made, her dresser was clean. Everything seemed normal except the woman I love was missing. However, on top of the dresser neatly lay her phone, the engagement ring, and a purple sticky note that read “I’m sorry”. Tears streamed down my face in absolute anger, confusion, and desperation. What on earth had happened in the hour of leaving our date. My hands grazed over the diamond that I worked so hard to be able to give her. I picked up her iPhone and it had been factory reset. My body goes numb. In absolute rage, I throw the phone. I slide to the floor in complete hysteria. Evie was missing and I couldn’t even figure out who or want had happened to her. After an unknown amount of time, I gain my composure and dial 911.

“911 what is your emergency?”

“Yeah hi… My fiancee Evie Peterson is missing…” tears quietly streamed down my face.

“Okay what is your location sir?” The operator calmly asked.

“315 Greenway Lane, Apartment 21” A wave of exhaustion hit me.

“Okay sir, we will send an officer out as soon as possible. Stay calm and we will find her okay?” She said in her work voice… you know, the one where she has to care.

I hung up the phone and waited for the police. Exactly eight minutes later, there is a knock at the door. My hope was restored as I saw two officers standing on Evie’s doorstep….

“Mr. Dave Gables, you are under arrest….. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law”. My hands were forced behind my back as I was being handcuffed.


They refused to hear my pleas as I am put in the back of the cruiser.


This was my first short story in a VERY long time so I hope it wasn’t awful! I wrote and let the ideas just come… Thanks for reading!