Good days

From Wednesday to Sunday I was out on the streets approaching women every day. I had a date on Friday, Saturday and Sunday with girls I approached during those days. Two of those dates ended in heavy make-out sessions. To the third girl I wasn’t really attracted, but I could have escalated things probably.

The girl I dated on Sunday was very special and I hope that I will see her again in 2 weeks (she is abroad for work). Maybe this girl will stop my plans about the 10 lays in the coming year. Who knows. At least the date with her was magical. This was probably one of the best days since many years in my life. This sounds obviously very needy and I need to watch out that I don’t put her under to much pressure. I need to focus on other girls and need to continue approaching. There is not the one girl in your life. Maybe I will fall in love with her, a feeling I never experienced in my little life. But as cold as it sounds, I cannot commit to easily. I need to keep building myself and keep going out approaching other women. It would be great to have sex with a lady in the coming days, in order to not feel so needy. I am definitely about t develop ONEItits and I need to stop it before it is too late.

I want to learn more about core Red Pill strategies. I need to keep plates spinning. I won’t make the cardinal mistake of investing too much energy in one person, only to get hurt so hard. For the coming two days, two more dates are planned. If the dates flake, I will go out and approach girls on the streets.

I think that I made huge improvements during those 5 days when I was out on the street approaching women. I feel that my daygame is now almost superior to my night game. I got a good tan and I spent much less time in front of the computer. I became more social. I met up with great new guys and made good contacts with people. I enjoyed the days. If I am looking back in some years, I will remember good days.

What can I learn from those days of heavy daygaming? Direct approaches are almost always superior to indirect approaches. If you continue indirectly, you need to demonstrate your interest at some point. It is much harder to make this step. But there is also an advantage: You can observe during the conversation if the girl is into you. And you can also chose to not even ask for the number if you feel like the girl is not interested. Furthermore, whenever possible, go for an instant date. It establishes a much stronger bond and you can directly see whether you have something in common with the girl. If you just get the number, chances are high that the girl will flake, because she will rationalize the interaction and will have much more time to figure out why it’s a bad idea to meet you…

What did I also learn? You need to go out and get those numbers in order to be happy. The girl of your dreams waits out there to be approached by you…