Having sex with 10 different women in the next year

This is the story of a young man who tries to find his way in life and to improve his success with women. I am posting here on medium.com, because it provides me with a working hosting infrastructure. If I keep up with the blogging, I will consider purchasing my own web space to host my blog and to buy a proper domain. So consider the state of this endeavor experimental. Let’s hope I will stick with writing and improving myself. I owe it to nobody but myself.

I will definitely not please everybody with the content I am going to publish here. Furthermore, some people will probably not think highly of me, but this won’t harm me much, since there is not a lot to destroy in the first place.

I am a 25 year old white male living in Europe. I never had a girlfriend. I wouldn’t describe me as hideous, on the contrary. If you would accumulate the rating given to me by 5000 different women, they would probably give me the number 7/10 on average. Of course I can look quite badly if not styled properly (and with my glasses on), but all in all, I am certainly not a ugly man.

Many of you people may think that my lack of companionship might originate from a lack of social skills. This is very much true so. I have struggled from some (self diagnosed) psychological issues in the past and would ascribe them to be responsible for the lack of success with the ladies. This doesn’t mean that I am not a total loser in other fields in life. After all I graduated with relatively good grades from university (STEM subject, what else?). I can also call some people my friends. But somehow my way to live has not resulted in a relationship. And I am only about to begin to realize what the possible reasons for this might be.

I really became aware of my issues with women in the past 6 months. Before that, I didn’t really had the mental energy to care about women. Handling depression and social anxiety was stressful enough. Now that the social anxiety slowly starts to fade, I am left with depression only, which makes it slightly easier to get things going. Additionally, my inner biological clock starts kicking in which commands me to go out and find women. Romantic, isn’t it?

I am here to fix those things. There are many men around my age (or younger, especially in the early 20s) which are nice and normal people but with a abnormal lack of sexual pleasure in their lives. Being nice and normal won’t take you far. You need to fight to achieve something in this life. My intention with this blog is to help such men while trying to improve myself. I want to give a manual how to become more successful with girls and pulling yourself out of the dirt.

So what are my goals? Why am I writing here? First of all, I think that I am in the beginning of a process of improvement. I started going to the gym three months ago with the aim to gain muscles and I tried to cut down alcohol consumption and smoking. The first time I had sex was with a prostitute when I was 23 years old. I lost my real virginity (not paid) with an ONS 2.5 months ago at age 25. One month later, I had sex with a girl after only two dates. Before those two sexual encounters, I slept with some girls in the same bed, but nothing much happened besides some petting. I overcame the obstacle of losing the virginity, which is a huge hurdle for lots of men out there. Of course only a very small percentage of all men manage to keep their virginity until 25. I would guess around 3–5%.

Therefore, I have limited experience with women and think there is potential for improvement. I am a very sexual human being and it is extremely painful to not have enough sexual intimacy available. Another problem is that I somehow cannot really enjoy sex at the same time, which seems paradoxical. I am much too inhibited with my own sexuality.

This blog will help me making progress with women and my inhibition. My primary goal is to experience as much sex as possible in upcoming time. I want to have sex with at least 10 women in the next year. This also means that I won’t commit to any longer relationships. When I accumulated enough experience and after I learned more, I want to enter a long term relationship with a girl I have feelings for. Maybe the reader thinks that it must be a very shallow and simply-minded goal to sleep with 10 women in one year. I don’t think so. I want to catch up (and raise above) with all the stuff I missed between 15–25. Maybe after I have had this very experience I will agree that my goal was superficial. But only then. Wish me luck.