Performance anxiety

Ok. I was a virgin five months ago (besides some hookers). I had six different girls in my bed since then, which shows a good amount of improvement. But what stops me right fucking now is huge performance anxiety. I don’t know where the fuck this is coming from, but I do believe that my dick is too small. It’s ridiculous since my junk is above average (7 inches long, 5 in girth when fully erect). Probably I just lack good sex. I wouldn’t dare to say that I am a good fucker — I am definitively not. But I observer myself that I avoid sexual situations, because I am afraid that I cannot get erect, my dick is too small, that I am bad at sex. But I think I have a solution!

Just be a bad fucker, no one fucking cares besides you. Just have a small dick. Continue dating women, continue escalating. What can possibly happen if you have a small dick? She can ridicule me, laugh at me, but does it REALLY affect me? No. It never happened before, if it happens, so be it. Fuck it. Fuck her pussy with your above average dick!!! Focus on your joy, no on her joy…

With this fucking sentence I promise that I will seek the sexual situations from now on and stop avoiding potential sex. No more hiding, no more anxiety. Confront your fears!!!

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