The End

I achieved my goal. I am done. This is 26th July 2017. Since August 2016 I fucked exactly 15 new girls. The goal was to fuck 10 girls in a year, I fucked 5 more. This means I layed 17 girls total in my life. Does this make me happy? No, not at all. It gives me some satisfaction however. I managed to fuck a girl in a club toilet. I managed to fuck a 18 year old girl from daygame who did some modeling. I pulled a girl within 5 minutes from the club. I gathered all those experiences in this year. This was only the beginning however. I am now at 17 girls and I feel that I gained a little experience and that I learned some skills at bedding women. Nobody knows what the future brings. Who knows how many girls I am going to sleep with in 5 more years? Maybe 20 more? Maybe 50 more? I realize now that fucking 15 girls in a year isn’t impossible, this is a good feeling for any man.

Was it worth it? Of course it was. I neglected university a lot. But the experiences I made will last forever in my memory. I will continue pursuing such experiences. There is nothing like seducing a new girl and feeling the rush of ramming your cock inside her for the very first time. It’s almost like a drug and makes you addicted. I feel now some kind of disrespect for men who never actively pursue women in their life. It is hard work to fuck 15 girls within a year (I actually fucked 12 girls between January 2017 and July 2017, in 7 months). Every man who says that it is easy to have lots of random One Night Stands is either lying or is really good at it. Most of them are lying.

One guy I met during this year told me “Don’t feel bad for approaching women, it’s our job as men to do it”. He told me that before he stole my fucking set and five days before he committed suicide. His girlfriend left him. His teeth were very ugly and he was balding. He realized that he had no real SMV. So he offed himself.

What were the highest points in this year from August 2016 to August 2017?

For me one of the lowest moments was traveling 10 hours to a very distant city to hook up with a chick that I pulled from a festival. I did it because I had a 10 week dry spell and was desperate. The sex there was extremely bad.

Other low moment was being amoged by a guy and than being unable to fuck the girl I pulled out of anger and shame. During the year I maybe had 5 or 6 girls naked in my bed who I didn’t fuck because I couldn’t get an erection. I kind of solved this problem for the moment, but this was a major hurdle to take in this year. I definitely learned how to deal with performance anxiety however.

Another low point? The countless of hours wasted sitting in front of my screen and consuming stupid shit from the internet. The latent depression and emotional emptiness. The harsh realization that there is no girl out there waiting for you who will finally make you happy. The conclusion that it is up to you to make yourself happy.

High points? As mentioned my very last lay was with a 18 year old beautiful girl who played in a movie and did some modeling. She additionally was very smart and educated. I fucked one girl outside of the club, this was also really nice. Then I pulled some weeks later a girl to the exact same spot, we couldn’t fuck because a bus stopped in front of us. The girl however was kinda ugly and damaged my social status because my friends saw her with me. I had several fuck buddies in this year, none of them was particularly interesting or beautiful however.

What did I learn in those 12 months?

  • When I want I can do daygame on the streets and fuck one new girl in one month.
  • Girls are easily replaceable, It doesn’t make sense to over invest into a girl.
  • Pursuing girls is a fucking full time job. They can destroy your dreams and every kind of productivity. They add no value to your life, the pussy is the price for your hard work and time.
  • Nightgame sucks a a lot. I maybe pull in 1/10 nights. Most nights are wasted and so is the day after.
  • Beautiful girls get approached a lot, girls who are 7+ can chose from almost all men.
  • Working on your own physique is extremely important. Muscles and style matter A LOT.

Probably the most important concept I realized is that cold approach ultimately sucks. It is almost always low value to approach girls on the street and to ask them for their number. This comes from a guy who managed to fuck two girls who did some modeling from daygame. It’s a good life lesson for every man to do some cold approach, but I don’t see myself hunting girls on the streets when I am in my 30’s.

The solution is to transform your dating from a buyers market to a sellers market. The best possible shot you have is to increase your own SMV and to pursue a job or hobby that involves meeting a lot of attractive women. 
Gaming in night clubs and on the streets is way too much work and doesn’t add anything to your life. I will continue doing this for the next two years, but after that I want to be at a point where I meet attractive women automatically.