The trip begins: Lay #1 and Lay #2

I haven’t posted since almost 2 weeks and now is the time to write up what I learned and experienced in the last days. I had three sexual encounters within 5 days in the last week. With two of three girls, I had sex. I only made out with one of them and ate her pussy, because I wanted to ditch her and therefore didn’t want to hurt her too much by having sex. In retrospect, I should have slept with her, because it was not nice to withdraw my dick. Thinking so is unhealthy, because I assume somehow that women don’t like sex.

So I am in a good position considering that my bet started on August 16th. My little pickup project is running now almost since one month and I accomplished already 2/10 sexual encounters in 1/12 of the time. If I keep this pace up, maybe I can even reach numbers as 20 sexual encounters with different women in one year. Pickup and self improvement and a solid focus on approaching on the streets makes this possible. But I need to say that all my other endeavors in live do suffer from this.

The first lay wasn’t really good in terms of sexual quality. I couldn't stay hard the first time and only managed to get hard hours later. My explanation was that she was kind of crazy, but not really the attractive kind of crazy. I am still pretty inexperienced and my momentary focus is to find a women aged between 28 and 40 to teach me more about the art of sex. I need a partner to learn from and develop skills. All of my women have been ONS and I am pretty sure that besides logistics, I am also a factor why those girls chose not to see me again. I probably suck at sex. The very best way to convince women of yourself is to be a good fucker. All other character traits are ranked secondarily. Therefore my goal is to find a older fuck-buddy that I can see at least once a week and to train real skills.

The second lay was definitely better. I was with friends on a open-air festival and just approached this blonde girl by telling her something stupid-funny. Then we proceeded to dance and talked some more. She is a very smart girl and I admired her outlook on life. At this point, I wasn’t really interested in her. Additionally my friend was also with us, which made the logistics even worse. Because I didn’t really want her to come back with us, it was essentially easy to pull her. Push/pull dynamics at it’s best. We partied a bit and some hours later, when I was slightly drunk (around three beers) we went to my bedroom. I was definitely afraid that I couldn’t get hard (because of the previous experience from the former lay). But she really turned me on and I went crazy with her. I fucked her in three or four different positions and it was a quite good sex in my opinion. She is a dancer and she moved like she was dancing when I fucked her. It was wonderful and after 15 minutes or so I came. This is huge for me, because I have trouble coming with women that I barely now. But with her I had a very strong and powerful orgasm. The downside was that I tried to fuck her without condom and my dick touched her pussy several times. This was very stupid from me in hindsight. She probably fucked a ton of men and maybe she has some STD. I definitely need to find a good brand of condoms and learn how to put them on my dick quickly. I feel like a retard when she needed to help me put them on. She also mentioned to me at some time that I need to watch out to not hurt women. This phrase somehow stuck with me.

Some things I learned in those weeks:

  • My flake ratio definitively got better. It’s paramount to make a good and deep lasting impression upon first contact. It doesn’t matter how good you are in your text-game, if the first impression is good, she will want to meet you again.
  • I should start aiming for girls that are more attractive. I learned that girls that are a little chubby have often a very good figure. So tall and skinny girls often are not a good fuck in bed.
  • I need to learn more about sex. Sexual techniques and about prevention of STD’s.
  • My game at the moment is practically that I am rather good looking (7/10) and that I attract girls that are 5/10 or 6/10’s. So I don’t really have any real game to speak of, which allows me to target the 7’s and up.

Some days after this positive experiences, I find myself in a depressive phase. I struggle going to the gym and I am eating badly. I didn’t start to look at porn yet, but I feel that I am on the verge to do so. I need to be careful. I have no job and and never ending amount of free time. I could work on some projects, but I am fucking too lazy. I sleep all day and then spend my time surfing the internet. I am 25 years old. I should start being a fucking man. A man that holds his word and doesn’t crumble so easily. A man with ambitions and life goals. Sure. One of my life-goals is to fuck 10 women in one year. But I feel that this should be a side project of mine, not my purpose in life. I need to start working again. Need better sleep rhythm. I am starting to see a therapist and I hope I can work on some of my underlying problems with him.

I feel that I am falling in a hole. I feel that I am burned out of approaching girls on the streets. I will go out today again and see what happens. When the day is entirely negative, I will maybe consider a small break from pickup (5 days).

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