Decentralization, Blockchains, NFTs, and What This All Means to Women With a Cause

As of me writing this, it’s absolutely no secret to anybody that the concept of cryptocurrencies has taken our world by storm.

If you want to examine the most obvious examples, you’d needn’t look any further than online forums, mainstream news, and your local brands. From small-scale businesses starting to accept crypto as a form of payment, to global brands collaborating with crypto-exclusive projects to release new and seemingly unheard of products to their customers.

A news post about Nike acquiring and NFT shoe company, to create NFTs for the Metaverse.
Richard Lawler’s article on Nike purchasing an NFT shoe company. Source: The Verge

Today, however, I don’t want to talk about any of that. You probably know all of that already. Today, I want to point your attention to some of the more-niche uses that blockchain technology can bring us. Specifically, I’m talking about empowerment, freedom, and the concept of unbiased judgment-making.

One may split the topic up into different sections — cryptocurrencies, token projects, blockchains, decentralization, NFTs, and so on -, and argue about the use cases for each section, independent from the other. Instead of juxtaposing these concepts with the inequalities and injustices that we face in our current world, in this day and age, though, I welcome you to think big, and explore some overarching ideas that may inspire you to invite the ideas of crypto into your own life.

For starters, let’s take a look at the most glaring examples of the gender, sexual orientation, and race-powered discrepancies that we experience in our current world — things like the unjust job market, and the rotten employee hiring system.

An article about gender discrimination that women face within the job market.
An article by Kim Parker and Cary Funk, about the discrimination that women face within the job market. Source: Pew Research Center

We’ve seen first-hand how the ‘Men of Capitalism’ are able to sway the system so that it would favor them, and exact panic-laughter-inducing, argument-less decisions within the job market. No matter how qualified a woman might be for a certain job opening, no matter how skilled and hardworking she would portray herself to be, if there’s a man competing for that same position, he’s the one that’s more likely to get hired.

Unbelievable as it may be, this is often true even if the man is less-skilled and qualified than the woman.

Now, you may ask — what’s the justification for this? The same men-in-power within our capitalist society will argue things such as differences in ambition, or even the fact that women may choose to have maternity leaves, at some points in their career, which would impede the goals and stipulations of the company.

Absurd? It is. However, it’s also the reality we are forced to deal with, every single day.

The ideas behind blockchain technology and decentralization can take that power inequality, and force it back towards the middle. Without a central authority governing and making decisions based on extremely biased misconceptions, you would no longer be judged based on your skin color, appearance, orientation, or gender. The only criteria that would be of true importance are those that relate directly to the job requirements.

An article about women in crypto.
Juliet Bennett Rylah’s article about women in crypto, and why there are so many inequalities within the space. Source: TheHustle

I’d dare argue that this would quickly and violently destroy all of the preconceived notions that our world might have, and showcase the awe-inspiring talents of women from all around the world, from all walks of life, and in all imaginable industries.

This brings me to my next point. As unquestionably disgusting as it may be, even in this modern age, women STILL cannot feel safe. On the street, in the evening hours, at your local bar, or even in the workplace — a single look at your local news will reveal yet another scandal of sexual harassment at work, yet another instance of harassment on the street, another date rape drug-related incident at the bar, and so on, and so forth.

As a poisonous cherry on top of these abhorrent issues, you have the men behind these acts getting away with it. A slap on the wrist is often the best-case scenario, not to mention all of the implications that the women who suffered through these heinous acts need to deal with in the following months and years.

Once again, I argue decentralization. Imagine if there were no higher-ups — which, most often, are humorously also men — that could sheathe a man’s disgusting wrongdoings. Imagine if these abhorrent excuses for human beings wouldn’t be able to hide behind their rich families, established reputations, or merely the fact that they are MEN. Imagine if you could have a voice loud enough that would expose these abominations for the rest of their communities to see, without a way for them to escape their fates, whatsoever.

A woman speaking at a conference.

Crypto technology brings with itself a myriad of opportunities for change, in areas of life that are most affected by injustices and misogyny. It’s up to us to make the stand, and claim our place within this new world, ensuring that these age-long issues finally come to an end.

I believe that, in a decade, we will all be able to say that it’s because of women we now have substantial equality, fairness, and accountability within our world. All of that is truly possible because of courageous, talented, and hardworking women.

We CAN be the change that we want to see. And blockchain technology can be our bridge into the future.



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