Gender inequality

Women of all ages, both young and old experience gender inequalities, not only in the work place but in relationships. Women are gaining respect through awareness and campaigns that are call for equal rights, however it is all just talk. Women still experience inequality, with parents still chastising girls to act “Lady like.” Men on the other hand are not subjected to certain rules and behaviours that women are. If a women looses her cool after a heated arguement, they are subjected to being classified as feisty or hot tempted. Compared to a man who would not be subjected to a classification based on their behaviour for that day.

What has changed

Women can vote

Women are able to work in any industry

Opportunity to higher education

Paid maternity leave

What has not changed

  • Women paid the same amount as man in the same work profession
  • Mannerisms towards women working havent changed, they are are more hidden and whispered than said loud.
  • Sexist behaviour toward women is still common with women being sexual harassed in and out if the work place
  • Discriminated based on their gender
  • Over looked for a higher position due to being considered in the reproductive years of her life. Concerned that she will start a family taking time off for that.
  • Prejuices oppinion against women
  • Sexist jokes
  • Stereotypes
Consistent factor are impact on women, not only in the work place but in societies view of them. Society view women in two categories a young lady or a slut. The only difference between these two categories is based on how the women is judged on her fashion style and behaviour. Societies views are seen as conservative, with them not changing or adapting with the times.
The impact gender inequality has on a relationship, has changed, men are now taking advantage of a women indepence and hard work by expecting women to pay for more than half of the dates. Men are depending on women to fork out the money and when women complain they use the whole excuse “ Equal rights”, women have worked hard for respect, indepence and their money. Where not complaining about helping share equal finacial responsiblity to go out on the date, however we do not want to be used by men finacial.