Traditional book shops and the positive and negatives associated compared to the more modern book shops.

As all book achololic would know find the perfect genre and book shop is a number one must to be in the hunt for the best sellers and plots.
Customer service

QBD has been described as having range of stores and helpful resources like ordering in a book within seven working days. Plus there customer service is always helpful with them providing other stores or websites to located the book / author you were after.

Compared to Bookface which has only one store located in Erina and Port Macquarie. The layout of Bookface is similar to typo. It caters to stationary loves as well as book lovers.

Variety of books

Their is a quality range of genres with non fiction, bibliographies, young fiction, psychology section, travel, science fiction, humour, art and photography sections as well. 
There genres are impressive with sub caterogries within the sections. Making it easier to find certain books that focused on feminist views and other.

Were QBD has a limited range in genre but has the option of buying online hard copy and ebooks. Compared to Bookface, who doe not offer this as a option to consider for us as book lovers.


The vibe you get in Bookface is modern with it youthful atmosphere, with everything around you lit up or colourful to be asthetically pleasing to the eye.

In comparison to like most traditional book places have a comforting feel with books lay out from top to bottom with sections clearly marked as history, young adult and ect.

Loyal programs

QBD loyal card is worth joining up. It gives you money to spent on other books. 
You can easily make the up the points to redeem as money to spend on other enticing novels. Bookface also has this however you are required to spend more with little points to redeem for it.

Overall, i find that QBD offers a better loyal program with a big variety of stores and quality customer service.

4/5 stars QBD

3/5 stars Bookface

For more information on both book stores,

Check out their websites.

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