IKEA instruction manuals: minimal, quirky, intuitive to pretty much anyone. What iconic brand touch-points can you use to inspire how a brand moves and behaves?

Finding inspiration, developing a point of view, and looking ahead at the ever-changing role of the UX designer

A few years ago, I started to evaluate the topic of motion design. It was at a point in time where UX designers were stuck designing in static comps, drowning in annotations, and the primary tool we had on hand only offered us simple, clickable transitions. I knew that motion design was important to our role, but wasn’t quite sure how to approach it. After immersing myself in dozens of examples of how motion was being used in digital, I began to see a pattern in the ways it could be used in distinct moments. I started to better understand…

The intersection of Disney and UX and why learning how to draw Mickey Mouse will change how you approach design

Recently I collaborated together with Glen Keane, Disney animator and legend, on a talk at SXSW. This article is a summary of what we shared during the panel.

Before I became a UX designer, I thought I wanted to be a title sequence designer. I took a course at Carnegie Mellon taught by Dan Boyarski called Time, Motion, and Communication. It was all about kinetic typography, rhythm, color, and movement. Dan used to describe every element on screen as if it were an actor on a stage — a character that we were directing, giving it behavior and personality.


Rebecca Ussai Henderson

Principal UX designer @IAcollaborative, prev @RGA // CMU design // former swimmer now marathoner

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