What is One Article You Are Thankful for This Year?
Josh Stearns

This Matter mini-book on selfies is pretty recent, but I think it’s so so so good. Selfies seem like a silly topic, but I think the polarized way people feel about them represents a really important cultural shift happening — that putting yourself out there isn’t necessarily about vanity or ego, but about asserting your right to the “attention” real estate. Everyone deserves to be seen. Everyone deserves to do what it takes to feel comfortable in their own skin. And anyone who takes issue with that needs to question the premise of their disapproval.

I’m grateful for pop-culture thought pieces like this, because often they will help me articulate something that I felt previously but couldn’t put words to. I’m grateful for writers who dig deeper below the surface of pop-culture trends because I think we fail to give humans enough credit sometimes. Things are never as simple as they seem, and a good cultural critic can help us be more empathetic and understanding of our humanity.

The personal stories in Chapter 5 are particularly powerful to me.