By Hannah O. Brown and Becca Burton

Contributed Editing from Anna Hamilton

Photos courtesy Southern Poverty Law Center, T. Mushell, Community Spring & Jhody Polk

Published May 11, 2020

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Latashia Brimm and Tequila McKnight chatted through computer screens on a Thursday afternoon in early April. They took turns sharing stories about the challenges they were facing and the ways they were coping.

In the early days of the statewide COVID-19 shutdown, the women took their community support group online. The Torchlighters Re-entry Support group was created as a safe space to help returning citizens transition out of incarceration, but as the entire state teemed with anxiety in their houses under Florida’s stay-at-home order, strategies used to stay balanced in prison seemed to have a much broader application. …


Becca Burton

Editor, The Marjorie. #SciComm for UF Thompson Earth Systems Institute. Here to reclaim #FloridaWoman

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