Common Courtesy!

It used to be not so long ago that there was this practice called common courtesy. It was something that everyone knew to do and everyone expected to be done. During that time, if a person did not act with common courtesy, the people around them would deem them rude and selfish, and more than likely not invite them back. So some of you might be nodding your heads in agreement or some of you may be confused by what I’m saying, so please allow me to elaborate.

#1. Never, never, never invite yourself to someone else’s home! This is rude!

#2. Never, never, never, never plan a party or gathering at someone else’s home without being asked. Sooooo rude!

#3. When you are a guest in someone’s home, treat everything like it’s gold, never demean or ruin your hosts things.

#4. When you are a guest in someone’s home, always clean up after yourself. Your host is not your servant. This includes the bathroom, if You make a mess, clean it up, its gross as a host to excuse yourself and go to the bathroom and have to clean something off the toilet seat. And guys hit the pot, it’s not rocket science.

#5. If your host is doing a chore while you are present, you offer to help, if they say “no Thank you, go and relax” you’re off the hook, if they except your help, do your very best, don’t slack off and make them do all the work.

#6. If you are staying over night, offer to wash the sheets and what not. They may say “no thank you, I’ll take care of it” or they may accept your help.

#7. Do not be a lazy bum, that sits in front of the tv while the rest of everyone is involved with the gathering. This however is different if you were invited to come over and watch a tv show with your hosts.

#8. Mind your manners! No fowl language. And don’t introduce a topic that will cause contention. Don’t interrupt people who are talking. Say please and thank you. It’s shocking that people don’t seem to know this.

#9. Unless previously told that dogs are welcome, do not bring your dog to Your hosts house. And if dogs are welcome, make sure you control your animal, and not let it run rampant through your hosts house and property.

#10. Take care of your things. If you are staying over night, make sure your stuff is together and in an out of the way place. Nothing is more frustrating to a orderly minded host, then to find their guests things all over the place.

#11. Never just pop by. If you are in the area, call ahead and ask if they are up for or available for visitors.

#12. If your host is not home, you should never just come over and make yourself at home, unless the host told you to do so.

#13. Being kind and courteous is mandatory. Everyone has that one person that they will never invite back, because they were not good guests.

#14. Control your children! This is a big one. Your host may love your company, but not invite you back due to a child (in your care, or yours) that does not obey the rules or is impolite.

#15. Be on time. I struggle with this one. But it’s a respect thing, if you are going to be late, let the host know that you are running late. I don’t care what the fashion idiots say, fashionably late, is plain old late, and disrespectful to the host.

#16. If someone is carrying something and need to get through a door, whether you are going through the door or not, it is common courtesy to hold the door open for them. If a person is carrying a heavy load or is moving something unstable, it is rude to rush ahead and go through the open door, it’s common courtesy to hold the door for them and go through after they have gotten their load through.

#17. Never show up somewhere you have been invited to looking like a bum. You know what I mean, shower, dress in nice but comfortable clothes, brush/comb your hair, and brush your teeth. Good Personal hygiene is another way we show that we respect and value our host. Be honest, nobody showers for people they don’t care about. my proof is Wal-Mart, walk through That store on any given day and no one cares How they look. unless they see someone they know, and then they are visably embarrassed.

#18. Is it that hard to look a person in the eye? Eye contact in the American culture is considered respectful, and the sign of a good listener.

#19. Put down your phone. When you are with people be with people, you can have phone time any other time. It’s a sign of respect to focus on the person you’re with.

#20. Unless you are super close to a person, you should never ask super personal questions. I.e. are you pregnant? What are you 30? Your wife is hot, is she a good lay? All examples of unacceptable questions, there are many many many many more, but that would take forever to write down.

This is only the beginning of common courtesy, truthfully it goes back to the golden rule. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. It’s a simple rule and actually when you set your mind to do this, it isn’t even that hard. I always try to be polite and courteous to everyone, I don’t get a hundred percent back of what I deal out, but I do have a lot of people who give back the polite courtesy. Being courteous to others shows that you respect and value them as people.

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