Hello, How is life?

Well It’s complicated. But I don’t think ‘complicated’ is a strong enough word. I am a person first and foremost, and I find that most other humans walking around the globe can’t be bothered to treat others with decency and a little respect. I’m stuck on a planet that has seemingly lost all sense of propriety and politeness. I can be as polite as I possibly can to everyone around me, and what do I get in return……rudeness, That’s what I get. Anybody else have this problem?

Next is That I have family, my family, in-laws, extended family on both sides. My immediate family has expectations of me, and then I don’t know for sure, but I feel like my in-laws do as well. Not that anyone of them would say that they have these expectations to me, they just have them and I guess want me to mentally feel when I need to do something for them, what it ends up as every time is that I disappoint people. Why does that bother me? Well because I care about them.

On top of all that, and I really think that is enough, I’m trying to start a business. Yes that’s me aspiring business owner. I want to be my own boss. And this is way more complicated than it sounds, so many things that have to be done and I have to do them, no one is going to do them for me. All part of being an adult I guess.

And let’s throw housekeeping into this mix, how am I supposed to keep house and handle a business, family, in-laws, people in general and have clean undies to wear and clean dishes to eat off of?

Oh oh and friends, lets add friends to this list. Actually this is the area that gets pushed aside in my life, not that I want it to, I want to see my friends and have time with them. But somehow something else always gets in the way, and I am back to adulting. I hate adulting.

I have come to the conclusion that I need to prioritize. Random people well you are bumped to the bottom of the list, not that I’ll stop being polite. Family and friends will just have to share billing in my life, and if they don’t like it……tough. Having a clean living space is important to me, if it’s not clean, I can’t sleep. Yes I know that I’m a little neurotic. And even though it is complicated and time consuming the business has to be a top priority. If it isn’t well then I never get to be my own boss and I am still stuck in the nine to five life. So yes it’s complicated, But it’s life.

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