Let’s be honest

I would like to talk about hiding, no not literally like hide and seek, but hiding our actions. Why would we hide what we do? I understand hiding Christmas And birthday presents and surprise parties, but when we hide our actions isn’t something wrong?

Please hear me out. Do drug addicts do their drugs in public? How about an affair, do both parties in an affair publicize it? A recovering alcoholic hides their boose when he or she falls off the wagon, Children hide the pet they found And brought home after their parents said no pets. We work twice as hard to cover up a lie we told. Basically anything we know is wrong we hide it from public eye.

So a person makes a life choice and hides it from their family, they decided that this is what they want to do, why hide it? Unless they know it’s wrong.

One might argue that they are protecting the people in their life. But would those people feel protected or lied to when they find out? It’s some thing that we all ignore and fear, that our special secret will be found out. But secrets don’t last forever, someone will find out somewhere And then our little glass house that we have constructed will crumble, And everyone standing anywhere close gets hit with the shards of the lie you were hiding.

We only hide things we know are wrong from those we love. Let’s be honest. Our friends And family will be a whole lot more forgiving if we confess and own up to our mistakes, then if they find out from someone else. Let’s be honest with our lives.

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