A beautiful crystal vase stands on a shelf, it’s lovely and fine, the light comes through the glass in tiny rainbows that reflects all around this one of a kind vase. Even though just the sight of this vase makes a person want to touch it, everyone who lays their eyes on it knows that it is delicate, to fragile to be handled by just anyone.

Inside this unique crystal vase is put other delicate things. Flowers, flowers of all shapes and sizes. Roses, lilies, snapdragons, Gerber daisies, protias, monkey tails, delphiniums, etc, etc. Each bloom is delicate and unique and add thier beauty unto the crystal vase.

If by chance an onlooker decides to touch the glass and play with the arrangement of delicate flowers, he or she runs the risk of breaking the vase and killing the flowers that rest inside.

A moment of time, truly a blink of an eye, it seems like an eternity, but yet is only a few seconds. The vase tumbles from its place, and plummets to the floor. The floor, an unyielding surface that can support the weight of furniture and the people who walk thereon, but a solid wall of destruction for the delicate crystal vase that is falling to its doom.

Shards, spinters, pieces great and small, explode from the point of impact on the floor. There is nothing to be done, except pick up the pieces. Gather them together with the greatest of care, lest one cuts their hands on the shards of what is left of the crystal vase.

Some may throw it out, some may attempt to put it back together, but no matter what the person does, that vase will never be the same. Gone are the days that this crystal vase will lend its beauty unto the whole room, gone are the days that it will hold water to sustain the delicate flowers. No matter how good the glue, no matter how diligent the person, that vase will never be the same.

The crystal vase is trust

The flowers inside the vase are the good things that come from a trusting relationship, i.e. love, peace, respect, truth, rest, companionship, hope, etc, etc.

Be careful. when you have trust, nurture it, protect it.

A person rarely breaks their own trust, only the trust of others. If you have someone’s trust, treat it like the treasure that it is.

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