When a Mouse sounds the charge!

He was always a quiet person, from the time he was a little boy, he was backwards and shy. he never really spoke loud or screamed or anything that was that would draw attention to himself. When he grew up he was shy, backwards kind of man. Often when he spoke, he was so quiet people had to say ‘come again?’ ‘would you say that again?’ ‘could you speak a little louder?’ and he would politely say it again, a little louder, but not much louder. One day this shy backwards man did something that no one expected, he joined the army. he joined to serve his country, to serve for his family, to serve for his friends. he didn’t really have thoughts of grandeur, or thoughts of being the hero, his thoughts were “maybe I can do some good for my country pushing papers, or wot not” As it would turn out, shortly after he joined the army, a war broke out. There was no need to ask him if he was willing to fight, and die for his country. He was, he knew he was when he signed up all those weeks ago. During basic training he thought it would kill him, but he made it, and he was still the quietest man in his unit, and everyone in his unit knew that they could count on him no matter how quiet he was. At first there wasn’t much excitement, then they received their orders. After that they were packed up and shipped out on a navy ship, and sent where they were needed. Our shy backwards man found he really enjoyed the scenery of the ocean, and being on the ship. He found that he had a sense of purpose heading to this place unknown ready to fight for his country. When they saw land approaching many of his unit rose up in a shout, glad to be close to land, glad to be getting off the ship, our shy backwards guy he didn’t raise his voice, he just stood there and watched the island get closer and closer. Soon they were filing off one by one, getting into smaller boats that would take them to shore. They hit the beach with excitement, some in the unit falling to their knees and kissing the ground, so grateful to be on land again. Our shy backwards man didn’t say a word, he just hoisted his pack and disembarked. As they built there new barracks our shy backwards man thought their new barracks looked like poorly constructed camp cabins, and the mosquitoes were horrible. But he never complained, never made a fuss, he just did his duty and was proud to serve his country. It wasn’t an easy life, nor was it fun, but he worked his best, knowing that his work helped the war effort. One day his platoon was called into action. Some men were afraid, some men feared for their lives, but our shy backwards man didn’t show fear, he knew that if his life was forfeit, it would be in service to his country. Their commander let them into battle, right onto the front lines. It was a horrible fight, so many were lost, the blood flowed and their unit shrank by nearly half. The commander was one of the first to go down, he lead them bravely right to his end. In the smoke and blood and horror of the battlefield, our shy backwards man gripped his commanders hand, and tried to stop the flow from the fatal wound in his chest. He asked his commander in his quiet way “what should I do? What should I do?” his commander gasped out the answer “Charge ahead! Charge, until you get the men to victory.” he shook his head, despair filling his voice. “I don’t know how, tell me how?” his commander gripped this shy backwards man by his shoulder “you lead by example, you have been doing it for years, the men will follow you.” a few more painful moments passed, and he looked into his commanders eyes, and saw only blankness, an empty shell of the man he had once knew. Our shy backwards man stood up and started the charge, he roared out to his unit, “WE WILL NOT FAIL! WE WILL NOT FAIL!” and he charged towards the front, towards the enemy. His unit charging right behind, and other units falling in behind. A war cry on the lips of every man. Can you hear it? The gun fire, the sound of 200 running fighting men, the cries of fear, of anger, of determination? The sounds of men dying? The sounds of men falling to the ground? The horrible sounds of war. They won the skirmish that day, although as any man that has seen the horrors of war can tell you, it never feels like a win, with the blood of your country men covering the ground. But a shy backwards sort of man made all the difference that day. It didn’t take a great man with great speeches, it took an average man who was willing.

This isn’t a true story, it’s a story that a hundred different men could have told, but it’s one that came out of my own imagination. It’s a story that played out in my mind as I was driving a very long, very boring stretch of road. I think it has merit, and that is why I shared it with you.

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