Chasing Exerhighs

I have four drugs of choice:

1) Coffee 
2) Exercise
3) My baby’s smile and grunty laugh
4) Sleep (^ due to the subject above, nevermind)

Now, let’s talk about number 2 and the subject of this post. Exerhighs are the insane fist-pumping, delusional highs you get from intense exercise. There are few things that cause this spike in “YASSS QUEEN” moments for me other than Soulcycle.

There’s something about the dark room, the disco ball, the neon pops on tank tops, the blaring music thumping and the instructor yelling affirmations that just makes me feel like I can do anything (for like 30 minutes afterwards).

So this morning, I’m chasing that exerhigh. Since I’m already up before 6AM 7 days a week, my husband went on Dad duty while I joined my choice of a Sunday cult: Soulcycle.

Now after two cups of coffee and one cycling class, I’m ready for a rodeo, people.

BUT….ask me how I’m feeling at 5pm. It might be more like a Baskets clown rodeo.

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