Box Set Obsession

Recently I was introduced to the completely absorbing and unimaginable world of the Upper East Side through the extremely addictive Gossip Girl series. Although I pride myself on not holding a Netflix or account, or even the password to access a friend’s, watching GG made me realise how much I need one. I was transported, brain, heart and soul into a whole new world I never new existed or needed but I soon couldn’t live without.

For those who haven’t yet made the discovery, GG is 6 seasons long (US style). I was consumed by getting through them on par with when I first read Harry Potter or GoT. I’d never felt this way, ever, about a TV series. The Upper East Side became my world too. So much so that in order to finish it in the least amount of time possible I began cancelling social events, the gym, meetings with friends.

I was uncontrollably obsessed.

As any other person would in this day and age I started with Google, the voice of all knowledge, to see whether TV obsession could be cured. It was clear I wasn’t alone. This was half way through season 4 — I’d already spent a good 40 hours slaving over episode after episode. I’m not sure whether the continual viewing was the need to finish or the need for closure on the story line. GG has this ability to glue you to the screen, despite each episode being 55 minutes.

Unfortunately this doesn’t have an ending that reports I got over my obsession. I finished the last six episodes of season 6 last night/this morning (watching into the early hours of the morning so far so that there was the hint of sunrise through my curtains).

The surprise here though — I feel amazing. The ending was amazing. It felt amazing and I, albeit pretty sad on my part, felt real joy for all the characters and myself.

Now I don’t want this post to read as though I think obsession is a bad thing but the need to travel obsession into worthwhile causes is essential. Although GG was awesome, I definitely recommend watching to everyone, there was without a doubt far better ways I could have spent my time and focus.

I have new found level of respect for people who watch box set after box set. I need at least a three month cold turkey from US dramas before finding the next series I will become victim of. I’m not so secretly looking forward to the next connection building with a new set of characters,


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