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I belong to a group that I find difficult to explain to nonmembers. It is an amorphous group of individuals from around the world, most of whom have never met in person, but we know who we are and we recognize each other when we “meet” in cyberspace. I (and others) refer to it as “the online adoptee community.” I cannot overstate the impact of this community on my life. Through my participation in this group, I have come to understand myself and my experience of having been separated from one family and placed into another. I have healed wounds that most of my non-adopted friends and family members would be surprised to know existed at all. When I have been fortunate enough to meet members of this community in real life, the experience as been profoundly moving. We grok things about each other that others in our lives do not. …


Rebecca Hawkes

Realigning paradigms inside myself, one post at a time.

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