Dreamy Astral Love

She never wants to wake up from this dream

exceeding the fourth dimension of time

for her heart expands to the beat of his drum

reaching beyond the ethereal limitations of space

she looks up to the cosmos

to find a constellation of symbols

glowing brightly cupid’s arrow

she looks to the flowing ocean

to see sparkles of light glistening

the surface so shiny she takes a plunge

sinks deep to the depths of the waters

grasping the ocean floor in her hands

she watches the sand slip through her fingers

like can hour glass slowly passing time

she’l sit here forever watching him flow

tickling her skin with soft watery kisses

washing all around her

as above, so below

like a sponge she soaks him up

through her pores she grows

he is just what she needs in this life

from the bottom of the sea

through inter dimensional galaxies

she lay her body and rest her head

like a sunken ship with no need to go

a museum of treasures crusting over time

generations of biology birthing to extinction

the one item thats constant is the liquid love

to see her feel her different masks unfold

but always remains circulating around this ship

until one day she becomes afloat

she rises and rises with love in her eyes

when she resurfaces she gasps for air

she realizes she’s on a sea of soft blankets

takes a look around the room to discover

that her treasure has been laying with her all along

through different dreams and dimensions

and realizes that this love is boundless, timeless

through he process of blinking her eyes

electricity awaits the awake

with destiny unfolding int he heart center

she radiates knowing there is no escape

that this love is just a sutra of dreams

unfolding from one to the next

all she has to do is plant the seed

await his watery kiss

and they’ll soon be off to their next astral quest