Eka-Rasa: Endless Ocean of Light

In meditation, there is no difference between you and I

the differences can’t be observed by the eye

surface of our skin, pixels drifting off one by one, like smoke rising to the sky

each fabric unthreading from the vehicle becomes star dust

disintegrating from the delusive shape-shifting mechanism

as the skin rises and flesh melts away, we are left with bones

sturdy structures keeping us grounded but confined, shake these bones

watch them unravel, even the marrow oozing up, away to the galaxy

tangles of nerve fibers dances away from the crown, rooted in consciousness

self-sustaining messages thrust down the vines in impulses

effortlessly calling to resist boundaries

underneath all, when vines untangle and lingers away from the body

singing a dreamy dance, left with a speck

a light that is the same in all, undifferentiating, uniting energy

the soul smaller than an atom but larger than life

so microscopic but more expansive than eternity

this oneness shines in all, through all, past mental boundaries

this body we have limits us, boxes of definition

we aren’t different fruits in the grocery store

or planets working against each other

like stars in the galaxy, we orbit around the same field

light rays of ancient wisdom, but when you cover us

with bones, flesh, skin we create walls

let’s utilize the body for what it’s for, a vehicle

tool, luxury in life and go to a place

in meditation where a body can’t be distinguished

imagine us all as specks of light floating effortlessly together

glowing as one illuminating the field

all we are is stardust, all we are is light