Let The Cosmic Mother Protect You

let the cosmic mother protect you

karmic energy rushing up my spine

writings of wisdom my soul yearns

to pull away from the I

a delusional perception

a war between self and they

to discover we are only

atomic energies you and I

there is no single one

oneness we are all in the same

eye hide behind the walls

a transcendent barrier

a trial to delve deeper within

to seek a higher above

reveal the divine nature

the universe ignites

unity of stardust genetics

shared energy we are

but do we choose

annihilation of prana

life-giving force

or inhalation of nirvana

where no suffering or desire

exists within the self

free us from the bondage of false perception

we are comprised of the same material

content in our nature and nurture

universal fixations coexist

to walk in harmony

forego all constructs

regress to nature

let the cosmic mother protect you

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