This Week I Ate: Keftedakia

I tried a food with an unfamiliar name, but the most familiar and comforting taste. This week, I tried keftedakia — basically, a Greek-style meatball — at a new pop-up restaurant in Washington, DC. The restaurant is called Oenosophia, owned and run by Greek brothers, and is aimed at testing the concept of Greek small plates paired with excellent regional wine.

These meatballs were not only delicious greasy balls of meat, but they accomplished what I hear great meatballs should be, but rarely are. They were small, delicate, and boasted a cripsy exterior, yet pillow-y interior. Basically, they were perfect.

Served alongside a surprising lemon wedge and garnished with dried oregano, these five balls of joy were the highlight of the entire table’s meal. We ordered two plates of them.

I even tried to convince the owners that their restaurant concept should be meatball-centric — they have a magical magical recipe on their hands.

I’m struggling to communicate how these meatballs have set a new standard for meatballs in my life. And the picture that I took doesn’t help either. All I can say, is if you’re in the DC area in the next month or so, check out Prequel the restaurant’s incubator and see if Oenosophia is there. I recommend starting and ending your meal with a couple orders of these expectation-setting balls, and a few amazing glasses of Greek wine in between.

One order of Keftedakia from Oenosophia pop-up restaurant in Washington, DC
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