Favourites and that- April!

Part Two: Fashion✨

Hi again guys! So this is my April faves, Part two. I don’t have too much content for this one, so here goes nothing.

My first April favourite for fashion is a Vegan leather jacket by Cavalini. Honestly I’ve not come across this brand before, and only found the jacket while in TKMaxx, but it’s beautiful.

So I’m not actually vegan, but I went veggie a few years ago to go vegan. I thought doing it in two parts would be easier, but here I am. Still eating my weight in cheese. I know it bad for me and worse for the creatures that actually have to make it, but I’m a work in progress. I’ll be vegan one day, and I’ll probably still have this jacket because I’m awful at getting rid of stuff.

Second, some trainers I actually bought last month, but last month they were giving me blisters and I hated them so.

They are Schuhs own brand of trainers, called Fun and Games. They are a platform creeper style trainer, and I got them in my favourite colour, khaki green 🖤

Now I can wear these without cutting my feet up, I love them. They’re super versatile, all I wear is black anyway, so they go with everything in my wardrobe, plus they’re super comfy, and platform! Who doesn’t love a platform.

Last up, I have some jeans from H&M. I bought these jeans at the start of April, and have worn them nearly every day 🙈 idec, no one changes their jeans every day, don’t lie.

So these jeans, let me tell you about hear jeans. They are a beautiful slightly washed out black/grey denim. Super skinny with a little bit of stretch, but not too much. Not high waisted?!?! (I secretly hate high waisted jeans, but that’s all I seem to find anywhere?)

The legs were super long, so I cut a couple of inches off and have rolled them, but I think I’m going to either cut them shorter and wear them frayed, or go buy another pair to do that with.

I haven’t actually taken any pictures of just my legs/jeans, but between the one above with the trainers ⬆️ and this selfie ⬇️, I’m sure you’ll get the idea.

Yes. My shirt says Feminist on 🖤 also a fave.

Thanks again for your time guys! Hope these go down well? Please comment and let me know how you feel about it, or also content you’d like to see from me. I’m happy to take constructive criticism! But be nice plz.

Hope everyone is having a fab bank holiday weekend! I’m off to get a new tattoo today!

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