May faves

Better late than never??

So I didn’t have too many favourites for May, like 5 probably? So short post coming up!

First off, I updated my vans collection and got some classic black slip ons.

I’ve wanted some of these for like, agessssss but didn’t know if I’d wear them.

I was wrong. These are my everyday shoes now, they go with everything and are super comfy. I love them so much, I’m going to get them in the black and white checks too.

Next, an album. Not just any album. Halsey’s Hopeless Fountain Kingdom.

This is my favourite album in YEARS. I love everything about it. The whole album comes together to tell a Romeo and Juliet type story about two houses of people but go listen to it if you don’t know bc I won’t do it justice. Go. NOW.

The vinyl is also beautiful if you love it and want a hard copy.

Third, perfume. This perfume is from Missguided, and it’s their new Babe Power. This smells, so good. The list of things it has in is CRAZY. It has absinthe in. FUCKING ABSINTHE.

The box comes with a list of commandments on, which are hilarious too. Great selling point.

I’ve had so many compliments on this, mainly bc of how good it smells, but it lasts like all day?!?! That never happens with perfume. At least in my experience.

I can’t find a whole list of the things in it, I knew I should have kept the box 😩

I nearly forgot to mention the other wonderful thing. THE NAME. Babe power. Short, sweet, gender neutral. Anyone came be a babe, ANYONE. I’m not sure it was intended, but I hope it was.

So if you want amazing smelling perfume with great lasting power and a fab name, I suggest this one.

So, if you’re still with me, you’ve reached the end. Well done, gold star to you ⭐️

Thanks for reading guys! 😘