Welcome to my blog!?!

First Time Edition

So, I’m a millennial. I’ve had all kinds of social media for over half my life, I’ve had a smart phone for over a decade. In all this time, what have I done with the voice the World Wide Web gives me? Besides post selfies to show off my #browgame and occasionally post about being veggie4lyf and how you should be nice to animals, I mean.

Now, its 2017, we all know how the internet works. As soon as I click publish on this post, it will be available to hundreds, thousands, millions and more people, the reach our voices have into the world is insane. We can speak (type) and be heard for miles, across seas, countries. Throughout entire continents and even by your creepy neighbour in the next block you swear down you’ve caught looking at your arse when you’re getting in your car.

I’m losing my point. I love trying new things, and next on my list was a blog. So I can write about beauty products and being gay and so that people in Australia can read it.