Unicorn Hunting

“We’re happily married,” the man said.

“Happily,” the woman said.

The man snaked an arm around his wife’s shoulders. “Very happy,” he repeated.

“That’s great,” Tara said. At the couple’s matched set of inviting looks, she drained her vodka soda and set the glass down too hard on the table. “This round’s on me,” she said and escaped to the bar.

“Threesome?” The bartender asked as she filled a pint glass.

Tara took a sip of her drink and winced, snagging an extra lime out of the cubby on the bar. “How’d you guess?” She wished she could just fast-forward three drinks, when alcohol and the promise of sex made everything feel liquid and electric.

The bartender slid two beers across the bar and grabbed the Stoli without even bothering to look. “That’s easy,” she said, and topped Tara off, tilting the bottle in an ironic salute. “Anyone who looks like they’re on a job interview.” They watched the couple for a moment from across the room. “Whose idea was it?”

Tara nibbled at the lime, testing her teeth against the bitter rind. “Hers,” she decided. There was a vibrancy about the woman that her husband lacked. “But he thinks it’s his idea.”

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