Becent Dynamic Update -November 6,2018

Here is everything you shouldn’t miss about Becent recently

1. Product Functions

1) Switched platform’s security gateway

2) Optimized data structure and unified assets precision display

3) Optimized backstage data collection and authority management

2. Community Management

1) Q&A session in Korean community

2) Red package airdrops in Biyong groups

3) Active bonus for Biyong group

4) Halloween event on Twitter: #TrickorBCT#

5) 999 BCT for newly registration via App

6) Launched Becent dedicated H5 game on Beyong App

3. Marketing and Branding

1) Weibo official account joint plan: #BecentLaunches#

2) CEO live stream on

3) First meetup in Korea succeeded

4) Uploaded Korean meetup videos on Youtube: