Suzie Turner Couturier

I have stated my internship at Suzie Turner Couturier in London Atelier on 10 April 2017. Suzie it’s a very nice person with very good and positive work attitude. She introduced me with all girls that are working for her and she talk about the work she is doing in her London based office. During my first week I was trained how to bead Swarovski crystal into delicate lace to understand the stitching technique.

Stitching little crystal wasn’t so easy at the first time I thought ….. This is certainly a time consuming work and it must be done with the highest level. All the laces Suzie is using for her collections are from the best quality and same the crystals.. My first week was mostly about learning about how to stitch the crystals and figure out the best way of stitching them into a delicate lace.

Into this shape I need to sew all Swarowski red crystals.

In my first week I have learn being a patient and realize how much time will take to do a one very individual couture dress.Couture style is about perfection and chic and certainly Suzie represent her style nad sewing methods on the highest level.

In just week time I have learn a lot just be sewing tiny crystals I have realised how important is to do everything so correctly with love and passion for Couture Dresses.

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