10 Ways My Life Has Changed Since I Started The Daily Practice.

(Or, how I went from crying on the floor to dancing in my underwear.)

I have been reading James Altucher for a few years, and yes he’s my favorite author, but I was only being sporadic in following his advice until this year.

It wasn’t that bad for me. But it was pretty bad.

Let’s just start from 6 months ago. I was working in Thailand, for/with a company. I enjoyed it but my business partner/boss (this was never really resolved) was kind of an asshole and kind of a friend. It was a weird time.

I was really great at innovating. I had been writing my ideas, but mostly for his business. Then I would hear him calling someone and telling them my ideas as if they were his. Which is totally fine, you know? Because I’ve got an abundance mentality, my ideas are free. It’s just — I felt like, I should be doing this for myself. For my own stuff.

I mean, I have fucking great ideas! Why not use them myself?

I’ve always leaned on someone else, not having confidence that I can really do things myself and be totally autonomous. Fear of failure and fear of success are both a thing and they haunt me (to this day.) The difference now is, I take actions anyway.

Well this is what happened.

I had of course, true ME style, not quit when I had a bunch of money. So I struggled for probably 3 months, getting distracted by new ideas, jumping from one to another, 10 ideas here, 10 ideas there, way too many ideas, all over the place….I was like a chicken with its head cut off.

And of course nothing worked. I ran out of cash. I only JUST made rent, and luckily my apartment let me have extensions. I cried, I freaked out. I was supposed to be good! My friends emailed and Facebooked regularly about how I was “living the dream.” I laughed (and cried) thinking about how people thought I was a success.

What the fuck is a success?

I lived on a loaf of bread one week. (But I splashed out for the New Zealand butter, because, you know. I have standards.)

FYI this is not the first time I’ve been in this position. I was homeless in Cambodia (one day I’ll write about it) sleeping on a friend’s couch in Australia and various other situations that my mother would severely disapprove of.

Anyways. Breakthrough time. One day something I tried worked. But that wasn’t the success.

The success was that after I got the opportunity — I TOOK IT. And I kept working on it. I didn’t do what I normally did, and try to think of something easier. Or get distracted. Or think of reasons why it wouldn’t work. I went all in on the idea. And you know what? People started paying me for it.

I wrote this post about how I launched NomadFly in a week and made $100 my first day. Sure it probably doesn’t sounds like a a lot, but for me in Thailand, on the floor crying, feeling like a failure, it was everything. It showed me I had to choose myself first, for other people to choose me.

Abundance brings more abundance. I was getting opportunities EVERY DAY to connect with people in the industry. I was interviewed on podcasts, asked to be on webinars, and met with other bloggers and travellers in Bangkok. I had PEOPLE. I stopped feeling like I was alone and a huge failure. I created new opportunities, made partnerships and instead of not knowing what was going on, I created it.

All areas of my life started to improve. (Well I didn’t meet any girls, I was working too hard, but I’ll argue my love life improved because I was falling in love with myself.

10 Ways My Life has Changed

  1. I talk to my parents now (I had stopped talking to them because they’re homophobic, but now I talk to them every few weeks and help them with various things. I know it means a lot to them even though we don’t agree on a lot of stuff.

2. Every time I meet someone new, I lean back and think “impress me.” Instead of feeling desperate for approval, I already approve of myself. If someone doesn’t like it, that’s ok. That doesn’t offend me either, I just get on with it.

3. I have money. Not loads, but it’s enough. More opportunities keep coming. I do a list every morning and night, without fail, of 10 things I’m grateful for. The gratitude stops me from complaining and makes me remember to choose happiness.

4. I have a community of people who know me as this awesome person. I don’t talk to people who make me feel crap anymore. Who needs it?

5. I dance in my underwear. I don’t have panic attacks anymore. I don’t obsess over girls who don’t like me back. I don’t make meanings out of things that have no meaning.

6. I take my plans more seriously. I want to go to Mexico. What do I have to do to do it? How much money do I need? How many sales do I have to make to do that? Who do I have to partner with to make that many? Once I’ve figured that out, I actually don’t do much differently other than reach out to people and ask them to partner, like I would have anyway. It’s more about my mindset.

7. I’m still writing 10 ideas a day. (Actually I’m writing 1000 online business ideas for an ebook) and every time I meet someone new, I send them 10 ideas within 24 hours. THEY LOVE IT. Now I’m known to them as someone to ask if they need ideas. And that brings loads of opportunities. (Here’s a link to the Facebook group for Idea Machines.)

8. I’ve lost weight. Yes I know I don’t eat much. But I feel better about myself physically. And when I want to, I go out with a friend and gorge myself on delicious Thai food. Because not eating Thai food is a waste of time in Thailand. I don’t really care about my weight anyway, only feeling good.

9. I attract people now instead of repelling them. I used to feel crap about myself and get in ruts all the time. I was like a hermit, never really sure of myself or my plans. People would literally ask me “what do you do” and I couldn’t even answer the question because I just was so uncertain about everything. Now I have a great answer and I feel like I can provide value to them too.

10. I can see a clear path to what I want, and every day I take steps towards that. Sometimes they’re just small steps, but they’re steps. I’m already living a dream. I have an online business I love, and I’m working on multiple projects I’m passionate about, with new opportunities coming all the time.

I’m SO GRATEFUL for everything I have. I won’t say that James or anyone else is responsible for it. Maybe that sounds egotistical but I don’t care. I learn a LOT from reading, listening to podcasts etc. I for sure couldn’t have done this without all of the learning I have done.

But I’ve learned to be 100% responsible for my life. For the shit, yes, but also for the success. I have worked my ass off to achieve what I have so far. I put in the work. And I will keep working my ass off (and having a great time doing it) until I drop dead, exhausted and fully spent from doing awesome shit that made me happy.

1% a day. Every day. Try it.

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