How I made $2725 in 7 days with my first 5 Day Challenge Launch

I started my small project NomadFly in 7 days, in June (exactly 6 months from when I opened the cart for this launch.) Here’s the story of how I did it. (I like writing Medium posts when I have successes and failures, as well as adding my successful experiments to Idea Hustle, my community of awesome humans who make money and grow their businesses though short community challenges.)

There’s a public 5 day challenge here, where I show you exactly what I did from the launch in this post.

So, I’d had NomadFly awhile, and it was making around $800 a month, sometimes $1200, sometimes $500. I set it up and purposefully automated it as much as possible (when someone joins, all I have to do is add them to the Facebook group when they request it.) One of my goals is to have a side business making $1000 a month, completely automated.

I might have to do a few days of work every 3 months, but if I keep doing these 5 day launches, I think I’ll be on track — and I can make them bigger.

Anyways so I read Zach Spuckler’s 5 day challenge post. I should have participated more in the free version he offered at the time, but I wasn’t really sure if it was right for me, so I joined and didn’t really follow along. Imagine if I had, lol I’m sure I would have done even better.

Anyways I took about a week and a half to figure out what I was going to do and set it up. In the end I had 5 affiliates join me to promote the challenge, plus I posted in a few groups, but nothing too serious. Next time I know I want to get 1000 people to join, or more.

I called it the ‘5 day flight hacking challenge.’

Here are my stats:

Challengers: 780

Challengers in Facebook group: 508 (by the end)

Product price: NomadFly lifetime deal $77

Number sold: 44

Profit after fees/affiliate payouts: $2725

Basic method:

I sent an email out every day for the 5 days, and ran a Facebook Live where people could ask questions. I made sure to answer every question in the Facebook group and also answered every email that came through from a challenger.

On day 5, the cart opened. I didn’t get any sales for 3 hours and went to take a nap. When I woke up, sales had started coming in, and they didn’t really stop for 3 days. There were 10 the first night, 10 the second day then the rest came in right at the end.

I sent one open cart email (the day 5 email) one email the next day saying I was extending the bonus (I’d made a bonus for everyone who bought on day 1) and then one the last day saying “24 hours left!” I also sent one at 6 hours to go and then FINAL CALL in the last hour.

Actually I was on a plane when it was supposed to close, so I was a little late to close it and 3 or 4 people bought after it was supposed to close. Only noticed when I got home to close it.

Also about 5 people emailed me after, I think I let 3 of them buy it, I guess they were a little late. I heard that happens a lot.

Anyways it’s not one of those awesome stories where I made $100k, but it’s a cool strategy if you have a product and it’s a bit slow — this will give things a kick.

Hit me up if you need any help setting up your own challenge!

Here’s the link for and my Mastermind group

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