Proof of Onward Travel as a Digital Nomad: Problem Solved.

You might remember, last year I almost got rejected from a flight in Vietnam, because I didn’t have proof of onward travel from Bangkok.


(TL:DR — I figured out a way to get proof of onward travel in 10 seconds.)

Well, it happened. It wasn’t a super big deal, I just should have known better. Now, I live in Bangkok, but I didn’t have a visa at that time (I do now) and I wasn’t planning on leaving. And they haven’t asked me before to show this proof — and wouldn’t let me on the plane until I showed them I had a ticket.


After I FREAKED OUT and thought about buying a ticket to either throw away or get refunded, I looked at the clock and it was only 20 minutes till the check in was closed!

I remember thinking “man I suck! I’m supposed to be this super seasoned traveler and I got caught out by this dumb rule!”

So I’m standing there near the counter, trying to think of what to do.

All my money happened to be in Paypal, which I’d just transferred to my Thai account so it was in limbo. Credit card was no bueno at the time. Buying a ticket was out.

I start googling, and I see all these options, like:

  • ​FlyOnward (rent a one way ticket) (long wait times, I needed it NOW)
  • Onward fly (or something like that) same deal
  • And then ReturnFlights which I ended up using.

What was it? I had to enter all the flight details myself. I was on my phone, so I had to switch between apps. Ugh. And find an appropriate flight, copy the flight details in (airline, flight number, departure and arrival times) and then send it to myself….in a weird format that I couldn’t open on my phone.


With eight minutes to go, I text my BFF the email and she tried to open it. No luck.

I hauled my laptop out of my bag, set it up, grabbed the email, took a screenshot with my phone and hauled ass to the check in counter where I was the LAST person to check in. After glancing at my phone and checking that the flight existed (NOTE: they don’t check the ticket, just the itinerary) I got my boarding pass and headed to the security gate.


I decided that had been way too hard. What are we doing? Sure, most people on holiday have a return flight, so it’s no big deal, but if you’re traveling on one way tickets (like I recommend…) you really NEED to have that piece of mind all the time.

And — ain’t nobody got time for refundable tickets small print every time.

So, the NomadFly team built a solution — and it’s awesome. (I know I say that a lot, but bear with me.)


Once you have NomadProof, you just

a) sign in

b) add the city you want to leave from and a date in the future

c) click “show me” and it pops up immediately.

You can get an itinerary in 10 seconds. It’s SO EASY.

Right now, you can buy UNLIMITED ACCESS to NomadProof (separately to NomadFly) for a one time fee. But only for 48 hours.

Then it’s becoming part of NomadFly.

Grab it now, and make that airport experience easier!


ps — that means as many onward tickets as you want, for life. Seriously.