Did You Survive Christmas

Did you? Yeah, me too (unfortunately). I’m just waiting for January 2 so we can wrap up this whole holiday thing and not think about it for the next 11 months. Speaking of New Years, you have resolutions right? Lose weight. Be more active. Same here. Same for my boyfriend. Same for my dog.

Weren’t those the same resolutions last year? And weren’t those continuations from 2013, which were an extension from 2012, which you were “definitely going to stick to this time.”

The point is, we wait too long. X,y, and z happens. Excuses happen. I just want to remind you (my by proxy way of sticking things to myself) — you don’t need January 1 to roll around to change your life. This moment, right now, is as good as any. So drop that jelly doughnut and do a lap around your office. Get up.



Always do that — breathe.

I hear its good for you.

Just like getting a good night’s sleep.

It’s 4:23am now as I write this. I have work in the morning (a.k.a. I have to get up in three hours) so I might hate myself for this, but i thought it is more important than sleep. After all, I can sleep when I’m dead (in case I don’t survive the holidays). Or maybe I will sleep next year next year (which happens to be in three days).

As a recent college grad, getting more sleep isn’t high on my resolutions list but I can see it happening. Maybe. Eventually. If not, I will change my life in other ways and I may or may not wait for January 1. But I will say that 2015 isn’t waiting for me, or you, or anyone. If you want something, go for it now because deadlines and time charts result in inexplicable procrastination and excuse-making (don’t try telling your boss that).

That being said, it is almost 5am. I should be asleep. Then again, I should be a lot of things. That’s my resolution and I am starting now.

Good night.

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