Thanks for reaching out, Frederic, I hadn’t thought about this post in a while.
Sean Curry

While I can understand posting something with a hot head, I did respond a little to hotly here, my points also stand but I shall try to make them a little more clear.

Your response and your post still give the impression that you (for a lack of better wording) are on the side of right and they are on the side of wrong, when in reality it is much more complex than: you right they wrong. How can anyone argue anything with you when the person on the opposing side has to argue why they aren’t a bad person believing the things they believe? Just look at at the example you gave:

“But if the opposing positions are “women should be empowered to make their own reproductive decisions” and “no they shouldn’t,” there’s no ideological ground for us to take footing on. If it’s “citizens of the wealthiest society in all of known space and time shouldn’t die just because they can’t afford medicine” versus “your sob story doesn’t obligate me to pay for someone else’s health care,” then we’re long past Democrat vs Republican or Left vs Right.”

In the first part of your example you try to make it seem like one side wants women to have the ability to make their own reproductive decisions while the other side doesn’t, you good they evil. That’s not the case at all (putting aside the people at the far end of either side of this argument) the argument most are having really is: should government pay, with our tax dollars, for the decisions women are making for themselves? Someone saying: I don’t want my tax dollars to pay for other women’s abortion or other women’s birth control IS NOT the same thing as saying I don’t think women should be allowed to have abortions or I don’t think women should use birth control. The same goes for your broader health care example. Your arguments are base level plea to emotion arguments. You frame the healthcare debate as a passionate person wanting to help the sick and a despicable person wanting the sick and poor to die. The health care debate is much much more complex than that and can never be simply boiled down to they way you tried to boil down the argument.

Your original post and reply are simply non arguments and just emotional manipulation to get people to agree with your side.

And fyi historically the actual political theory of fascism comes from the left and not the right. You just call any political authoritarianism, fascism. Trump and his loudest fans are authoritarian for sure, but they are not fascist. Fascism comes from the left buddy.

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