I’m deleting Snapchat, and you should too
katie zhu

Well, it’s not my place to say if the filters are offensive to people of any race or ethnicity that I do not belong to. But as far as the leadership of Snapchat- you do realize that one of the two co-founders is of South-east Asian descent, right? (both of his parents are Filipino) Which doesn’t necessarily mean that his company can’t have racist tendencies… but kinda puts a hole in the idea that the ship is being steered by [substitute whatever racist term you want to use here like “the Audacity of Whiteness”]. But…. you’re alleging that when non-whites apply for positions at Snapchat they’re turned away based on race? That is a pretty serious allegation and I don’t see anything in this article that supports that claim (you showed 14 out of 300 employees and one of the two cofounders is not white). Just like you I have no idea about the actual hiring practices at Snapchat, but I work in tech and I can tell you that often some minorities are very under-represented in the overall number of applicants for open positions. If only one applicant in twenty is of a particular minority race or ethnicity that a company is lacking should the hiring manager hire that person based on their race even if they’re not the most qualified applicant of the twenty, or should he hire the applicant most qualified for the job, regardless of race? The former would quite literally be a practice of applying racial bias, the latter would be treating people fairly based on their merits. I wouldn’t want to be hired because of my race…. Ok, and everyone can start hating me right…….now.